Doubles Badminton Rules

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Doubles Badminton Rules

Doubles badminton Rules

Standard Ontario Badminton rules.
Each game will be self officiated.
  1. All games will be best 2 out of 3 or 30 minutes maximum in length. Games will be scored out of 15 (capped at 20).
  2. Points will be determined by Rally Point
  3. When time expires the match is over with the score at the end being the final score.

Game Rules:
Serving Procedures
  1. The server shall start by serving from the right hand service court to an opponent standing in his/her right hand service area.
  2. The serve is made in the doubles court area and only the player standing in the proper service court may play the shuttle and return it.
  3. Players will receive alternate serves.
  4. Players must change service area whenever possession has changed.

Service Faults
  1. Service is overhand. Shuttle is hit at a point higher than the server’s waist or any part of the racket is higher than server’s hand holding the racket.
  2. Shuttle is not hit to proper service area.
  3. Server is not standing in the proper area to serve, is standing on the lines, or if the receiver is not in a proper court area.
  4. Server feints or balks opponent off balance.
  5. Shuttle is hit outside the court, passes under the net, or touches person, dress,      walls, or ceiling.
  6. Striking shuttle before it crosses the net.
  7. Net or supports are touched by player or racket.

Other Playing Rules
  1. During a serve, both the server and receiver must stand in their respective courts. Touching a line with the foot is considered out of the court.
  2. If the shuttle hits the net on the serve and is otherwise good, it’s legal.
  3. A shuttle which touches the net during play is in play if it goes in the proper court.
  4. A server who misses the shuttle completely during a serve doesn’t commit a fault.
  5. A shuttle which falls on the line is considered in bounds.
  6. Any accidental hindrance is considered a let (ex. ball on court)
  7. It is illegal for a player to hold up his/her racket to block a return at the net. They may hold it up, however, to protect his/her face.
Default Score is 2-0