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Bob Davis Gymnasium

The Bob Davis Gym is home to the Badger Basketball and Volleyball teams. This gymnasium is used for a variety of PEKN activity classes during weekdays. It can be divided into two separate areas with a removable dividing wall. A vinyl floor cover can be put down for non-athletic events. The Davis gym is 120ft x 100ft (12000 square feet) and has a 35 ft ceiling. Seating is for 900 people in bleachers.

Set-up options are: one university basketball court, two basketball cross courts, three volleyball courts, one university volleyball court, or eight badminton courts.

The Bob Davis Gym is named for former long-time Athletic Director, Bob Davis.

Bob Davis Gym Booking Schedule

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Gym 2

Gym 2 is a multipurpose gymnasium. It has numerous educational gymnastic tools and is the main facility for our PEKN Children's Movement Program. It also houses intramurals and various recreational programs. A vinyl floor cover is available in this gym.


• 150ft x 75ft (11250 square feet)
• 35 ft ceiling
• one university basketball court
• three basketball cross courts
• four volleyball courts
• six badminton courts

Gym 2 Booking Schedule

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Ian Beddis Gymnasium

The Ian Beddis Gym is equipped with drop down curtains that can divide the gymnasium into four separate areas. Each area can accommodate one basketball court, one volleyball court, or three badminton courts. The Ian Beddis Gym often accommodates multiple recreational activities at one time, hosts intramural sports and Convocation and graduations.


• 100ft x 239ft (23,900 square feet)
• 30 ft ceiling

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