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Tony Bogaert
Professor, Ph.D. (Western)
(cross appointed with Dept. of Community Health Sciences)

Office: AS321
Phone: (905)688-5550 ext.4085


Personality, Social Psychology
- human sexuality
- interpersonal behaviour
- applications to health psychology
- traits and individual differences
Abnormal behaviour
- sex offenders/sexual coercion
- delinquency/antisocial behaviour

I was trained as a personality/social psychologist, but I have primarily used this expertise to study human sexuality. Some of my recent work has included the study of the origins of sexual orientation. For example, I have investigated birth order effects on sexual orientation development in men and women. Related work includes the study of asexuality. I also study the origins of sexual offending (e.g., pedophiles). Other recent work concerns methodological issues in sex research, the effects of the sexual media on behaviour, and the antecedents of high risk sexual behaviour (e.g., high number of sexual partners, low condom usage).


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(link to book)

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