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Presented at the Annual Meeting for the Society for Psychophysiological Research

James Desjardins, Christine L. Lackner, & Sidney J. Segalowitz. Perfecting the P50 Gating Paradigm: The Benefits of Using ICA and Bootstrapping Techniques.

Angela Dzyundzyak & Sidney J. Segalowitz. Anticipating Wins and Losses: CNVs Appear to be Similar but Reflect Different Traits.

Christine L. Lackner, Diane L. Santesso, Jane Dywan, Terrance J. Wade & Sidney J. Segalowitz. Medial Prefrontal Nogo Activation During an Emotion Go-Nogo Task is Related to Worrying in Adolescents.

Diane L. Santesso, Jane Dywan, Terrance J. Wade, & Sidney J. Segalowitz. Enhanced Feedback-Related ACC Activity in Relation to Negative Emotionality During Adolescence.

William J. Tays, Richelle L. Witherspoon, Lesley J. Capuana, Sidney J. Segalowitz, & Jane Dywan. Resolving Interference One Component at a Time: Dissociation Between N2 and N450 in a Modified Continuous Performance Task.

Meghan J. Weissflog, Stefon J.R. van Noordt, Becky L. Choma, Jane Dywan, & Sidney J. Segalowitz. Sociopolotical Ideology and Electrocortical Responses.




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