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Presented at the Annual Meeting for the Society for Psychophysiological Research

Diane L. Santesso & Sidney J. Segalowitz. Poor Error Monitoring Response is Related to Lack of Empathy.

Timothy I. Murphy, Michael Coons, & Sidney J. Segalowitz. You may Respond when Sleepy, but your Frontal Lobes May Not: The Effect of Sleep Deprivation and Incentive on the P300 and Contingent Negative Variation.

Gillian E. Munro, Jane Dywan, Grant T. Harris, Shari McKee, Ayse Unsal and Sidney J. Segalowitz. Response inhibition in psychopathy: The inhibitory N2 and P3.

Sidney J. Segalowitz and Diane L. Santesso. A Lack of Inhibitory Components in the Nogo N2 and the ERN.



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