As Program Review changes, the Board issues a deficit mandate (Oct. 5)

The operating structure behind Brock’s Program Review has been revised, with Senate now assuming responsibility for conducting the review on academic operations.

The change emerged when Brock President Jack Lightstone sent a letter to Senate, agreeing to its request that Senate oversee the academic portion of the review while a Presidential Task Force continues to review administrative operations.

The Task Force — comprised of faculty, staff and students — has been working since June to design and implement the review of programs in both the administrative and academic realms of the University. The Program Review was launched to help return the University to a financially sustainable operating model, after enduring several years in which expenses have outstripped revenues.

The review of programs and collating of data is targeted for completion by the end of 2013, after which the findings will be reviewed by senior administration.

Meanwhile, Brock’s Board of Trustees has mandated the senior administration to eliminate its operating budget deficits by the end of the 2014-15 fiscal year.

At its Oct 3 meeting, the Board passed a motion to give the President several mandates pertaining to Brock’s financial situation.

Earlier this year, at its June meeting, the Board had already directed the University to reduce this year’s operating deficit to a maximum of $7 million, from an original forecast of $14.5 million.

The Board motion calls for operating deficits to be erased completely in the following fiscal year, which ends 30 April 2015.


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