Teaching and Learning

Teaching and Learning

Brock University offers an education of the highest quality, and we fulfill that promise with our strong connection between scholarship and teaching, and by committing to an experience that develops both sides of the brain.

Our academic programs will expand students’ intellects, stimulate their imaginations and provide them with broad-based knowledge and critical perspectives on global challenges.

But learning is a broad, lifelong journey and we are a university where, metaphorically speaking, left-brain and right-brain thinking energize each other, where interdisciplinary focus helps students develop social and creative dimensions as well as rational and analytical thinking.

Brock enhances academic programs to promote leadership, social responsibility and innovation. And we continue to develop distinctive undergraduate programs that focus on small-group learning, faculty-student interaction and an emphasis on multi-disciplinary course offerings.

Specific measures that Brock is taking to advance the quality of Teaching and Learning include:

  • Expanding multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary programs so that enrolment in such programs will be at least 20 per cent of the undergraduate population by 2014
  • Increasing minimum admission averages to 80 per cent for certain high-demand programs, and to at least 75 per cent for all other programs by 2014
  • Eliminating three-year degree programs in the Faculties of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Mathematics and Science by 2010
  • And helping new faculty and graduate students develop strong instructional skills through innovative, diversified approaches to teaching.





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