Community Outreach

Community Outreach

One way Brock transcends the traditional limits of academic convention is by making community outreach one of the four pillars of our Academic Plan, alongside such priorities as research, graduate studies and teaching/learning.

We recognize what is crucial to our students, to the University and to Canada. Community outreach benefits everyone, and we are committed to strengthening our engagement and partnerships with communities across the Niagara Region and beyond.

From faculty and student interactions with the community, to the strategic use of our research initiatives, Brock is dedicated to being a partner who enriches the cultural, intellectual and economic aspects of life in our surrounding communities.

The University uses its position to collaborate with other institutions and organizations to promote transformative economic development and sustainable, competitive employment in Niagara.

Some of the priorities Brock embraces include:

  • Expanding opportunities for community members to be engaged in University programs of all kinds
  • Encouraging student leadership in local, national and international activities through research, development and social advocacy
  • Developing mentorship programs with alumni, and with corporate and community partners
  • And collaborating with others in developing business incubators that help research and innovative projects create employment opportunities in our region and beyond.

Learn more about our levels of involvement at the Community Engagement web page.

Dr. Jack Lightstone at a government podium

Dr. Jack Lightstone at an announcement for the downtown St. Catharines performing arts centre