Current Issue: Volume 16 No. 2, 2008

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Volume 16, No. 1: 2007


Steve McCaffery
R. Donnelly
James Sanders
Megan A. Volpert
Kelly Mark
David Fujino
Barry Demptster
Domenico Capilongo
Stan Dragland
Mathew Timmons
Karn Mac Cormack
Brent Wood
Joshua Rapp Learn




Volume 15, Issue 1:

David Seymour
          I Don’t Remember Hitting the Ground
          Watching Jason Nazarene Play the Drums
Andy Weaver
          Moving From Edmonton
          Re: workings
          Neruda’s Book: An Epithalamion
            At Thirty Thousand Feet
Ashley Connell
            Dumpster Drive
Barbara Ponomareff
Cathy Carroll
            Sitting In The Circle
D.A. Feinfeld
            Electric Cello
            Summer’s Play
Darcy Blahut
David Ritchie
            At a Café
            The Guardian
Erin Mcknight
            London’s Burning
Gary Barwin
            Living Room
            since my house burned down
Jesse Ferguson
            Winter in Glengary County
            Catalogue of Perennials
K.V. Skene
            Night Children
bill bisset
            what wud relee help
            langwage n desire
Margaret Christakos
            Should Rub in Five Moments
Mark Farrell
            Library Restaurant
Michael B. Callaghan
            At the Lake
Nathalie Stephens
            Excerpt from The Sorrow And The Fast Of It
Nora Bowman
            Double Outlaws
Rich Murphy
            Bonobo, the Class Clown
Shane Rhodes
            In the Leper Colony
            White Gift White Garden White Wound
Susan McCaslin
            Earth As It Is
rob mclennan
            the other side of the world

The Harpweaver

Volume 14:  2006


Katherine O’Flynn- At the Beach
Nancy Holmes- Where, Oh Where, Are the Keys?
B.J. Hollars- Blarney

Crystal Elie- Chutney
Joanna Weston- Back There
Emmanuelle Vivier- Walls
Carla Hartsfield- Impromptu
Ian Burgham- First Frost and Winter Zodiac
Heidi Garnett- Pentimento
Wanda Campbell- Graduated to Glass
Debra Franke- Riding the Train, Kingston to Port Hope
Rick Taylor- Bombs are Fallinh
Orman Day & Kathleen Gunton- On Her 58th Birthday
Linda King- casualties/casual ties
Voltaire Oyzon- To the fingers that wove my hammock of rattan strips

Tyler Stone- Morning Rain
Jessica McDougall- Down by the Rocks
Winston Martin- Untitled

Volume 13:  2005


Amy Jones- Nightswimming
Michael Humfrey- Staying Put

Marguerite Watson- What Grows in the Soil

Elizabeth Dolan- May All Your Children by Gymnasts
William Woolfitt- The Baker Savors His Crumbs
Catharine T. Black- Trespass, Tidal
Michael Catherwood- Poem to the Self-Absorbed
Carl Leggo- Mel’s Jesus, Voluptuous
Cornelia C. Hornosty- Jiltin’ Blues
Kenneth Pobo- Trespassers
Monika Lee- Blake: 445F
Jane Tolmie- New Haven
Karen Hann- The Only Known Suicide, Beginnings
A. Mary Murphy- the creases in my dreams
Francis G. Foley- Lilies

Michael Basinski- Review of Pupa by Catharine Graham, Wake by Melanie Cameron and Temptations for a Juvenile Delinquent by Sky Gilbert

C. Michelle Dienes- Untitled-1, Untitled-2, Far From Home
Tyler Stone- Mourning Rain

Volume 12: 2004


Kenneth Hunt- An Addiction to Pineapples
Sally Haxthow- The Book of Daniel
Leonard Judge- Mike Bear Goes Shopping

Suzanne Collins- The great very green sofa
Ian Burgham- I watch through the grief of memory
Daniel John- Cleave
Lee Danielle Hubbard- Stink
Daniel John- Harvested
Shane Neilson- Third Birthday Safari in the Apartment
Julia van Gorder- Bridge Game
Lee Daniel Hubbard- Shatter at Zero
Graeme MacQueen- Foreword
Cherie Murray- Smile
Ruth Ann Latta- How do I love you?
Cherie Murray- Watching T.V.
Trish Elms- Yard Sale Fantasies

Liam Dynes- Review of Hawksley Burns for Isadora by Hawksley Workman

Volume 11: 2003


Moira MacDougall- The Haptic Sensibility
Moira MacDougall- Vesica Picis
Moira MacDougall- Mizuko Jizo
Thomas Keller- Kind of Blue
rob mclennan- michael dennis moves
rob mclennan- for what we pretend to believe
Kelly Shepard- transit station girl
Kelly Shepard- transcend
Elana Wolff- Cadmus
Brenda Schmidt- Beyond Juicy Expressions
Leo Brent Robillard Afternoon, Algonquin Park, 1914-1915
Su Croll- photograph of my sister in labour
Lois Nantis- Just a Perception
Carl Leggo- Heloise and Abelard
Luke Fiske- My Love
Hillel Schwartz- The Great Dream of Small Things
Joy Reid- Defining Flynn
Giavanni Malito- Dreamlessly
Meaghan M. Strimas- What Stands Between
Terrance Cox- Before the Fall
Terrance Cox- A Killer for Beauty
Ingrid Ruthig- First Communion
Miles Clark- EditingProcess
Brian Burke- cyanide/almonds
Matt Rader- Uphoria on Burrad Street
Jennifer Footman- Choice my Mother Made
Julie Cameron- The Florist’s Daughter
Knute Skinner- In a Better Life
Kenneth Pobo- Cornered

Kevin Frazier- The Murmansk Snow Sculpture Competition
Michelle Mulder- Ways of Looking at Dirt
Susan Braley- The Garden of Wellness

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Volume 10: Spring 2002

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Micaheal Trussler- Angel
Angie Abdou- Bruised Apples

M.E. Csamer- Dying looked at me today
Ronnie R. Brown- Seduction
Ronnie R. Brown- Persephone:The Suburbanized Myth
Ronnie R. Brown- Dreaming in Technicolor
Christopher Brisson- Same Circuitry, Different Programs
Jocko Benoit- The Eros of Our Ways
Jocko Benoit- How Poetry Goes Bad
Richard Scarsbrooke- Observations on the Lover’s Mindprobe
Micheline Maylor- The Charleston
Eric Bastard- Sky Swims About Your Shoulders
Sherrilyn Jahrig- the beauty of a sky without angels
Sherrilyn Jahrig- po  e   tic
Sharon Caseburg- Snow Queen
Sharon H. Nelson- After Frost
Michael deBeyer- The Body October
Michael deBeyer- Light as Air
Kevin Irie- Orion’s Belt
Kevin Irie- Remembering the Old Horse-Drawn Milk Wagon
David Starkey- Pict at the Fringe
David Starkey- Silhouette
Ahila Sambamoorthy- Grandmother’s Prayer
Gordon Massman- Double, double…
Keith Alexander- Upon Waking
Randy Lundy- “Because you are beautiful”
Randy Lundy- spider’s poem
Randy Lundy- praying
Ingird Ruthig- First Communion

Volume 9: Autumn 2001

Please list issue and year:

Peggy Herring – Feeding the Gracklings
Brian Burke – Trusting Tarzan: A Fable
Katharine O’Fylnn - Possessions

Ross Leckie – Thinking the Day
Ross Leckie – The Elm Tree
Ross Leckie – After the Dance
Robert James Berry – Anglia
Robert James Berry – Old Quarters
Robert James Berry – Roots
Robert James Berry – The Garden
Robert James Berry – Stories
Robert James Berry – The Leaves
Crissa-Jean Chappell – Dating Snapshots
Crissa-Jean Chappell – “Everyday Use”
Crissa-Jean Chappell – Matinee
Carol L. MacKay – The Poet
Carol L. MacKay – Waxwing Momentum
Carol L. MacKay – The Nitrous Oxide Effect
Carol L. MacKay – Her First Fireworks
Stephen Stamp – Penultimate
Kathleen Therriault – Hunting and Gathering Wool
Susan E. McCaslin – Heresies
Henry Beissel – Letter to the Goddess of Flowers
Gregory Betts – Leoleo
Peter Piakoski – Poem for William Stafford
Leslie Anne McIlroy – Glimmer
Leslie Anne McIlroy – This stone I am throwing is love
Maggie Ball – Body Language
Matt Robinson – Radiomimetic
David Hughes – Skinny Dipping
Doug Tanoury – Frontporch
Erin Noteboom – The Lungfish Love Song
Erin Noteboom – The Rivers of the Underworld
Ben Murray – Manoeuvres
Ben Murray – Senseless
Ian Ayres – Amputation in Paris
Susan Sampson – Machines Grown Human
Kelly Shepherd – From the Ground Up

Eva Tihanyi – Writing between Borders: an interview with Anita Rau Badami

Stephen D. Scott – Big Red Wish Book: The New Face of Short Fiction. Gary Barwin’s Big Red Baby, and Derek McCormack’s Wish Book: A Catalogue of Stories
Joan Crate – The Perils of Pauline Johnson. Veronica Strong-Boag and Carole Gerson, Paddling Her Own Canoe: The Times and Life of E. Pauline Johnson Tekahionwake

Visual Art
Jean Bridge – Bower: cover and insert following page 32
Shin Yu Pai – Silver Gelatin Prints: Horsehigh Bluestem and Willows

Volume 8: Winter 2001

Please list issue and year:

Joy Hewitt Mann – Dorothea in the Land of Oz
Monalesia Earle – A Train and a Farmhouse
Erinn Banting - Faculty

Armand Garnet Ruffo – In the Logging Camp
Armand Garnet Ruffo – Tired
Armand Garnet Ruffo – Henry Schoolcraft’s Indian Legends
Armand Garnet Ruffo – River of Tears
David Clink – Cowboy
Barry Hammond – the theory of everything
Barry Hammond – number theory
Christopher Levinston – Flight Patterns
Joseph Griffin – City Spring
Nicole Dixon – Crows
Clayton Hansen – Lupine: a quick analysis of dog breathing
Clayton Hansen – Beulah’s Horses
Gordon Sisler – At the Music Festival
Gordon Sisler – Peonies
Gordon Sisler – June Evening
Gordon Sisler – Port Dover
Gordon Sisler – Mannheim Cycle
Gordon Sisler – Pete’s Wedding
Louise O’Donnell – Waiting
Roger Pfingston – I-70 West
Ryan G. Van Cleave – God Does Not Appear Anywhere
Ryan G. Van Cleave – Understory Like Endless Rain
K. V. Skene – Everything Happens too soon
K. V. Skene – Straight out of the lift
Karen Horeth – Auctional
James Norcliffe – made objects
Robert James Berry – English Music
Robert James Berry – The Beach
Joan Prusky – Between Lands
Jaimee Kupermann – Golem
Jaimee Kupermann – Footnotes

Whitney Haring-Smith – 50/50: A Play

Marta Dvorak – “Strutting Her Stuff”: Burnard’s A Good House an Ambitious Social Fresco
Charlene Diehl-Jones – Come to the Edge: Stephanie Bolster, Two Bowls of Milk

Visual Art
Rachel Ashe – Digital Prints
Amanda Tinker – Photographs: Three Works from the mythos/logos Series: 2000

Volume 7: Summer 2000

Please list issue and year:

Richard Scarsbrook – Tristan’s Quarter
Daniel Cubias – Ergo Sum

Eva Tihanyi – (Un)riding the Range: The ficto-critical travels of Aritha van Herk

Barbara F. Lefcowitz - Legacy
Barbara F. Lefcowitz – Soap
Barbara F. Lefcowitz – The Snows of Tomorrow
Wanda Campbell – Everything is Perfect in Hotel Rooms
Wanda Campbell – Undone
James Reaney – Senex
Nancy Holmes – Latin for “Ditch”
Anna De May – The Man I Make Love to Once
Ruth Panofsky – Birthmark
Ruth Panofsky – Bicycle
Ruth Panofsky – The Haunting
Matt Robinson – drifting
Matt Robinson – fishing trip bear
Matt Robinson – taking friends home, after
Matt Robinson – filling the various spaces
Carolyn Bateman – Figure in a Landscape
Carolyn Bateman – The Shirt
Carolyn Bateman – Vacuum Assault
Carolyn Bateman – Car Horn
Eva Tihanyi – The Burrs of Paradise (A poem in 16 sections)
Terrance Cox – Bron Wallace, I regret
Terrance Cox – Tea & Brandy (for Dorothy Livesay)
Terrance Cox – Wayman in Garden City
Terrance Cox – Obsequies for a ’65 Rambler

Book Review
Kwame Dames – Regie Cabico and Todd Swift, eds. Poetry Nation: The North American Anthology of Fusion Poetry

Visual Art
Linda Hankin – Paintings
Joel B. McEachern – Ocean Grove Photographs

Volume 6: Autumn 1999

Please list issue and year:

Visual Art
Rose Adams – The Garden of Delights
Melissa A. Thompson - Photography Essay
Mary Reardon – Still Life Paintings

Melissa A. Thompson - Nibble-Nibble, Gnaw-Gnaw

Eva Tihanyi - Lady Caroline Lamb
Donna Langevin – Red
Thomas Abray – Pulleys
Louise O’Donnel – Ordinary World
Louise O’Donnel – Cut Off
Louise O’Donnel – Aging
Louise O’Donnel – Careless
David Groulx – With This Rage
David Groulx – Teaching Us a Lesson
Virgil Suarez – Urchins
Virgil Suarez – Graphite
Shane Neilson – Glad you all could come
Shane Neilson – to the family of row 27E
Shane Neilson – On the Atlantic Ocean
Ronnie R. Brown – Artificial Heat
Ronnie R. Brown – Legacy II
Vivian Shipley – The Dodo
Diane Bracuk - I blame fashion magazines for this
Alex Klages – Indeterminacy
Joy Hewitt Mann – Bedali’s
Joy Hewitt Mann – The Fall of Ripe Apples
George Elliot Clarke – Jealousy
George Elliot Clark – To Juanita Pleasant
George Elliot Clark – For Henry Dumas (1934-1968)
George Elliot Clark – II,ii
Jospeph Griffin – Marooned

Book Reviews
Ann Cowan- Jack McClelland, Imagining Canadian Literature: The Selected Letters of Jack McClelland 
Gerald Lynch – David Adams Richards, The Bay of Love Love and Sorrows
Gwendolyn Guth – John Barton, The Rita Donovan eds. We All Begin in a Little Magazine: Arc and the Promise of Canada’s Poets

Volume 5: Autumn 1998

Please list issue and year:


Melissa A. Thompson – Portrait of Siobahn
Melissa A. Thompson – Requiem
Elana Wolff – Pines
Elana Wolff – Sunshaft
Eric Barstad – Of Blood and Dandelions
Suzzane Hancock – Earthworms
Susan Schmidt – Three Photographs
Melissa A Thompson – Souse
Susan L. Helwig – I was not born
Susan L. Helwig – Conservatory
Susan L. Helwig – Strays
Kenneth Pobo – When Jackie de Shannon Sings
Helen Bakopoulos – Three Photographs
John Ditsky – Dimensions
John Ditsky – Day for Night
John Ditsky – Crazy Quilt
Brian Rigg – Atrophy
Joan Tovenati – Winter Morning Chapala
Joan Tovenati – Redecorating
Michael Largo – A Renovation
Anjana Basu – It’s So Hard to Get Good Servants
Calvin Bannon – One Photograph

Volume 4: Autumn 1997

Please list issue and year:


Betty Sanders Garner – Wild Strawberries
Chris Yurkoski – The Horologist
Ayaz Pirani – The Natural World
Ayaz Pirani – How I Grew
Trent M. Walters – Indio
Susan Stenson – The Diviner
Chad Norman – Where Men Sit

Visual Art
Linda Vollick - 2 11” X 14” pencil sketches, untitled
Tracey Bowen - I Was Here, Who are you?

Marilyn Pilling – One of the Seven Signs

Personal Essay
Brigitte Desrochers – To see

M.J. Collins – Hot Oil and Leaking Glycol

Book Reviews
Annick Hillger – Anne Michaels, Fugitive Pieces
Christine Boyko-Head – Joan Murray, Condessions of a Curator

Volume 3: Autumn 1996

Please list issue and year:

Adam Kuzma – Like Wine Poured Out
Duane Williams – The Moving of the River
Kristin Andrychuk – The best of all
John Rives – Blasphemy  of Elements
Joe Blades – winter solstice
K.V. Skene – Sleep
Carolyn Creed – Forms of Locomotion

Personal Essay
Elizabeth Templeman – High Notes

Lynn McDonough – Family Album
Derek Knight – Lynn McDonough: Art After Photography

Christine Boyko-Head – Joan Macleod: Voicing the Millennium

Book Reviews
Katherine Hiatt – Roo Borson, Night Walk
Vanessa Wakil – Helen Humphreys, The Peril of Geography

Volume 2: Autumn 1995

Please list issue and year:


Kristin Andrychuk – Four Poems
Wayne K. Spear – Three Pathetic Fallacies
Michael Redhill – Three Poems
Berry Hammond – Two Poems
Jennifer Footman – Two Poems
Shannon Cowan – Circle
Tony Cosier – Three Poems
Cathy Ford – Speaking In Tongues
Wanda Campbell – Two Poems
Joan Stortz – Academics
Joanna M. Weston – Two Poems
Edith Van Beek – Two Poems

Anastasia Avdovich – Pine Street
Ray Deonandan – While I Drink My Moccacino

Dramatical Work
Gregory R. Nickles – Drone

Lesley Bell – Untitled
William Thoms – Untitled
William Thoms - Untitled
William Thoms - Untitled
Goldwin Guenther – Angel

Book Review
Marilyn Rose – Lorna Crozier, Everything Arrives At the Light


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