Teaching Assistant (TA) Workshops

Teaching Assistant (TA) Workshops

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 All Brock University graduate and undergraduate teaching assistants are invited to participate in the following professional development. These sessions are open to teaching assistants, seminar leaders, marker graders and lab demonstrators. 

 1. Teaching Assistant Instructional Skills Workshop (TA ISW)

TA ISW 3 Day Program

  Monday December 8 - Wednesday December 10

8:30 am - 5:00 pm daily

For more information or to register for this certificate program contact cpita@brocku.ca or call 905-688-5550 X 5329


O     2.  TA Workshop Series & TA Certification Program
(September - March Saturday mornings, 9 am — noon, Thistle 253 e-classroom)
TA workshops focus on the professional development of teaching skills. This self-directed program allows particpants to select topics that are of interest to them.  Attendance at 8 TA workshop earns a Basic Certificate in Teaching & Learning in Higher Education. TAs can also earn an Advanced TA Certificate that requires an additional 8 TA workshops plus the submission of a Philosophy of Teaching Statement.

On-line registration for TA workshops are open from September - March.

  3.  International Teaching Assistant Fall 2014 Workshops

Join us for discussions about the trials and triumphs of teaching in the Canadian classroom. These sessions are for international TAs who want to learn more about teaching and learning in a Canadian University, and the Brock seminar system.  You will learn practical hands-on strategies for teaching,  dealing with conflict in your seminar, how to promote a positive learning environment, best practices for marking, time management, and helping your students study effectively. The 20+ workshops offered provide you with a variety of topics to choose from.  You can also earn a TA certificate in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education as evidence of your professional development.  

Online registration is open. Workshops can be found here.

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