Graduate Teaching Assistant Practicum

Graduate Teaching Assistant Practicum

 The Graduate Teaching Assistant Practicum is a self-directed program of professional development in university teaching. The practicum consists of a number of components that together reflect growth as a facilitator of student learning.  The practicum is documented within a teaching dossier.  

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Components of practicum: Must include selections from A, B and C

  1.  Professional development
    1. Workshops*
      • Each workshop attended can be applied to meet the requirements of the GTA Practicum or the TA Certificate in Teaching and Learning (eight workshop credits required for the Basic certificate and 16 for the Advanced).
    2. ISW (24-hour Instructional Skills Workshop)
    3. Teaching and learning course
      • The CPI is currently developing an online course on teaching and learning. Students taking comparable courses at other institutions or within specific Faculties may apply for equivalency credit, subject to approval.
  2. Teaching Assessment
    1. Teaching Component
      • Participants design, develop and deliver two classes (workshops, lectures, seminars) which are observed by a teaching and learning consultant from CPI. Participants meet with the observer before the class to articulate learning objectives and delivery strategies. Following the class, participant and the observer meet a second time to discuss the class and identify areas of strength and improvement. Students are expected to draft a 2-3 page reflection piece on the class, identifying critical incidents and opportunities for further reflection.
    2. ISW (24-hour Instructional Skills Workshop)
  3. Two Teaching Observations /commentary
      • Participants observe two lectures, seminars, or classes facilitated by a veteran instructor. Each observation is to be accompanied by a reflective statement identifying what was observed in terms of instructional strategies used and learning outcomes obtained.

  4. Note: Each component above will be reflected and documented through the compilation of a teaching dossier.

    * Subject to approval, Institutional Partners whose workshops may contribute to the GTA practicum:

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