The Theory and Practice of University Teaching - Ideal for Graduate Students and Instructors

Center for Pedagogical Innovation

The Theory and Practice of University Teaching

The Faculty of Graduate Studies and the Centre for Pedagogical Innovation are pleased to introduce GRST5N01: The Theory and Practice of University Teaching as the first course offering for graduate students and instructors focused on teaching in higher education. 

This course focuses on helping graduate students and instructors explore the theories and practices of teaching in a post secondary environment. Learners will engage in experiential approaches to course planning, instructional methods, evaluation and assessment, and reflective practice.

Learners will identify and connect major theoretical perspectives in instructional design, student learning, assessment, and reflective practice; practice instructional and presentation skills in micro teaching sessions; identify and develop formative and summative assessment strategies; practice skills in giving and receiving feedback, write a statement of teaching philosophy; and create a teaching dossier representing teaching experiences and growth.

This course is scheduled to commence September 2013, Tuesday mornings 9:00 am - noon.

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