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TA Services

TA Services

Brock University Teaching Assistants in 2007


The CPI’s three levels of TA programming in addition to TA Day are well attended and an invaluable resources to the multidisciplinary group to TAs that regularly attend events like the Saturday morning workshops series and TA Day. Information regarding our programs and services are sent to each academic department for distribution.

CPI publishes the Teaching Assistant Guide to Teaching and Learning at Brock University


 Teaching Assistant Programming, Learning Outcomes, & Degree Level Expectations

Teaching and learning are part of academic life and one way teaching can enhance student learning is through the identification of what we want our students to do by the end of a class, a course, or following some form of professional development.

As part of the CPI's Teaching Assistant (TAs) programming we have outlined these learning outcomes; that is, what we want TAs to KNOW, be able to DO, and VALUE after participating in our programmming.

In the following document you will see that the learning outcomes for TA programming have been aligned with Graduate Degree Level Expectations (GDLEs).

 CPI TA Programming Learning Outcomes & Graduate Degree Level Expectations Map


Learning outcomes are rooted in Bloom's Taxonomy.


Brock University Teaching Assistants in 2008

TA Certificate Program

The CPI offers a certificate program for TAs interested in attending a series of workshops.

Basic Certification requires participation in eight workshops offered throughout the year. Undergraduate TAs can also apply their certificate towards the Experience Plus Program, offered through Career Services. For additional information contact Pauline Dawson at pdawson@brocku.ca or ext. 4414

Advanced Certification requires achievement of the Basic Certificate and participation in an additional 8 workshops, along with submitting a statement of teaching philosophy.

Learn more about the TA Certificate Program.

Brock University Teaching Assistants in 2009

TA Workshops

The CPI hosts workshops as part of their TA certificate program.  Workshops cover a range of teaching-related issues that are of use to TAs.

Upcoming Workshops

A complete listing is available under TA Workshops

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