Degree Level Expectations

Degree Level Expectations


Excerpt from the Official Degree Level Expectations Website hosted by McMaster University, funded by the Council of Ontario Universities:

"The Undergraduate Degree Level Expectations (UDLEs) and Graduate University Degree Level Expectations (GDLEs) represent the threshold level skills and knowledge Ontario students must demonstrate in order to successfully complete their programs. The Degree Level Expectations form an integral part of Ontario’s Quality Assurance Framework, which establishes the protocols for the approval of new undergraduate and graduate programs and the review of existing programs at publicly assisted universities.

The Degree Level Expectations serve as Ontario’s academic standards for undergraduate and graduate learning. Graduates at specified degree levels (e.g., B.A., M.Sc.) are required to meet these standards. Each university is expected to develop its own institutional expression of the undergraduate and graduate Degree Level Expectations and to apply them to its academic programs."

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While many learn about the Degree Level Expectations during the Academic Review Process, examining your learning outcomes and mapping curriculum is a departmental exercise that can be done at any time. CPI is available to facilitate departments through this process.

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