Chancellor's Chair for Teaching Excellence

Chancellor's Chair for Teaching Excellence

Brock University recognizes the excellent scholarship of teaching of its faculty members. To encourage and sustain our institutional commitment to teaching, learning and educational technology, Brock has established a program of Brock Chancellor’s Chairs for Teaching Excellence.

Chair-holders will be individuals who have demonstrated exceptional promise of outstanding contributions to post-secondary teaching, learning, and/or educational technology and/or have established an exemplary record of achievement in this important aspect of university endeavour.

The Brock Chancellor's Chairs for Teaching Excellence are meant to provide successful nominees with the opportunity to undertake a specific, three-year program of research and practice leading to a significant development in teaching, learning, and/or educational technology. The programs of activity for the chairs may be integrated within their broader research and scholarly focus.

The Brock Chancellor's Chairs for Teaching Excellence provide recipients an annual support grant of $5,000 in each of three years.  The incorporation of the individual's work as a Chair into her or his regular teaching, research, and service agenda will be subject to negotiation with her or his Chair and Dean.

Nomination form for Brock Chancellor's Chairs for Teaching Excellence

There are currently six chair holders.  The next competition is 2016.  Applications are due March 31st, 2016.

Nominations can be filled out on this printable form and returned to the Centre for Pedagogical Innovation (CPI) in TH 253B.

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Brock Chancellor’s Chairs for Teaching Excellence Recipients

Mary Breunig, Recreation and Leisure Studies
David Hutchison, Centre for Digital Humanities
Camille Rutherford, Education

Tanya Martini, Social Sciences
Anamitra Shome, Business
Erin Sharpe, Applied Health Sciences

Brent Faught and Madelyn Law, Applied Health Sciences
Michael J. Armstrong, Business
Anna Lathrop and Tim O'Connell, Applied Health Sciences

Maureen Connolly and Gail Frost, Applied Health Sciences
Don Cyr, Business
Mary-Beth Raddon, Social Sciences

John McNamara, Social Sciences
Joseph Engemann, Education
Murray Wickett, Humanities

Zopito Marini, Social Sciences

John Mitterer, Social Sciences

Ernest Biktimirov, Business
David DiBattista, Social Sciences
Susan Spearey and David Fancy, Humanities

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