Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Electric Vehicle Charging Station


The EVC (electric vehicle charging) Station is located in front of the main entrance the to International Building on Brock's east campus on Norman Rd.

Using the Space

Only electric vehicles displaying the appropriate license plate may park in the space while charging. Only this space may be used while charging an electric vehicle.

Brock permit holders may park in the EVC space and charge their vehicle at no additional fee. Please move your car as soon as it is charged to allow others to use it. 

Non-permit holders may purchase parking at the nearby pay and display machine at the hourly rate of $2.50 per hour. The valid pay receipt must be displayed on the dash of your car face up, and must be valid for the duration of the time you are charging your vehicle. 

This space should not be used for loading/unloading or as a passenger pick-up or drop-off area.


This EVC Station is currently operating as a trial project therefore there is no charge for using the station other than the cost of paying to park for non-permit holders.

Please note that enforcement on Brock's campus is 24/7.  Unauthorized vehicles parked in the EVC Station risk being ticketed and/or towed. 


The University recently installed its first electronic vehicle charger (EVC) by the main entrance to the International Centre at its east campus in St. Catharines, Ont.
The EVC unit, which was partially gifted to the University by Sun Country Highway, is available to students, staff, faculty, as well as local residents and visitors to Niagara. Sun Country is a Canadian-owned company that works to raise awareness about electric vehicle infrastructure and zero-emission transportation.
“At Brock we’re always looking to adopt new tools and technologies to help make our campus more sustainable,” says Tom Saint-Ivany, Associate Vice-President, Facilities Management, and chair of the University’s Sustainability Co-ordinating Committee.

When Brock’s LEED Silver Certified International Centre was being constructed in 2009, North American automobile manufacturers were forecasting the production of electric vehicles within a couple of years. In response to this announcement the building was designed to accommodate future EVC stations.








Electric Vehicle Charging Station