Update regarding job losses at Brock

At the April 9 town hall meeting, the University announced that 86 positions would be eliminated from the 2014-15 operating budget. At that time, 40 positions had been eliminated through attrition and non-renewal of contracts, nine redeployment opportunities had been identified and 10 employees had seen their employment with the University come to an end. This left 27 positions to be addressed before April 30, and the University can now confirm that all employees holding one of these remaining positions has been informed.

Bargaining unit employees in affected positions are subject to the layoff and recall procedures as described in their respective collective agreement, which may include the right to bump.

Since the town hall meeting, the University and OSSTF have met on a number of occasions to discuss opportunities to address bargaining unit staffing reductions through attrition and redeployment where possible, and to discuss the feasibility of other creative solutions that may limit the potential effects of bumping. While those discussions will continue during the notice period (May 1 to July 31, 2014), based on the information available, we must note that other staff members may be impacted as a result of bumping rights being exercised.

In the event that bumping rights are exercised, with the exception of those employees who are currently on an approved leave, the University anticipates that all bumping will be complete by July 31. Once remaining attrition and redeployment opportunities have been exhausted, the focus of the discussions between the University and OSSTF will shift to the bumping process identified in the collective agreement, and employees and supervisors who are affected will be notified.

An update on progress will be provided by May 30.