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"Monsters:  The Case of Marineland" 

from Animal Subjects: An Ethical Reader in a  

Posthuman World edited by Jodey Castricano

"Stamp Out The Tiger Trade" - from the Globe and Mail

"Constructing Terrorists: Propaganda About Animal Rights" from Critical Studies on Terrorism


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2010 About Canada – Animal Rights. Halifax: Fernwood. (Available March 2010)

2009 Ape. London: Reaktion.

2003 Culture of Prejudice.  (Co-authors Judith Blackwell and Murray Smith).  Peterborough: Broadview

2001 Ghosts and Shadows:  Construction of Identity and Community in an African Diaspora. (co-author, A. Matsuoka) Toronto: University of Toronto Press

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Chapters in Books

2007 “Monsters: The Case of Marineland.”   Chapter in edited book Animal Subjects: An Ethical Reader. Wilfrid Laurier University Press. Jodey Castricano, editor. (In press)

2005 “Ghosts and Shadows: Memory and Resilience Among the Eritrean Diaspora.”  Co-authored (with A. Matsuoka) chapter in edited book: Diaspora, Memory and Identity: A Search for Home.  University of Toronto Press. Vijay Agnew, editor.

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1999 "Ethiopians in Canada.”  Encyclopedia of Canada’s Peoples.  Toronto:  University of Toronto Press. (Encyclopedia entry)

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Articles in Refereed Journals

2009  “Constructing Terrorists: Propaganda about Animal Rights.” Critical Studies on Terrorism. 2(2):237-256

2006  “Doctrine of Demons: Attacking Animal Advocacy.”  Green Theory and Praxis.1(2). April.

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Published Refereed Conference Proceedings

1992 "Media, War and Famine.”  Proceedings, Fifth Conference; Northeast African Studies.  East Lansing: University of             Michigan.

Book Reviews:

2006 'Review Essay: Animal Ethics' (review of  Richard W. Bulliet, Hunters, Herders, and Hamburgers: The Past and Future of Human-Animal Relationships; Robert Garner, Animal Ethics; Jacky Turner and Joyce D’Silva, Animals, Ethics and Trade) Canadian Journal of Sociology Online, September - October 2006

2006 'Review of Rod Preece, Brute Souls, Happy Beasts, and Evolution:  The Historical Status of Animals.' Canadian Journal of Sociology Online, May - June 2006. <>

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1988 "The Story of an African Famine."  Journal of Eritrean Studies.  II(2):42-43.

Articles in Non-Refereed Journals and Publications

2004 “SLAPP Happy Zoo Masters: Marineland is Trying to Silence Critics with a Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation.”  Briarpatch ,  July-Sept, 2004

Also published on-line at the Center on Animal Liberation Affairs at

and as “Not Everybody Loves Marineland” in The Activist:

and at Dissident Voice:

1991 "Canadian Role in Indonesia Opportunistic.”   Winnipeg Free Press, December 12.

1990 "An End to Africa's Longest War?.”   Z. 3(2)

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1988 "A Friend to the Colonel."  New Internationalist. 190

1988 "Poisoning Africa."   Briarpatch. 18(2).

Research-Based Reports to Governmental or Comparable Agencies

1992 Afghan Refugees in Pakistan: Prospects for Repatriation. Canadian International Development Agency /University of           Manitoba:  Disaster Research Unit Monograph Series.

1991 Review of Private Refugee Sponsorship in Winnipeg.  Ottawa: Employment and Immigration Canada.

1992 Ethnic Identity and Resettlement. Employment & Immigration Canada, Research & Analysis Directorate, Research  Abstract series.  (Accepted)

1990 Eritreans in Toronto.  (Summary of findings). Toronto: Secretary of State.

1986 Interview with Issayas Afeworki, Secretary-General, Eritrean People's Liberation Front. Toronto: Eritrean Relief                      Association in Canada.

1986 Report on a Visit to Eritrea.  Toronto: Eritrean Relief Association in Canada.