Welcome Newest Scholars in the VIP/VIS/UM Programs!

Welcome Newest Scholars in the VIP/VIS/UM Programs!



Victor Avdeev (VIP)

Moscow State University, Russia

Brock Academic Contact: Dr. David Schimmelpenninck

Academic term at Brock: January to April 2014

Professor Victor Avdeev is an Associate Professor of the Faculty of World Politics at his home institution, Moscow State University in Russia. Professor Avdeev will be joining Brock University's History Department for the winter 2014 term. During this period he will teach two courses on Russian history.



Ms. Camila Costa Moreira (UM)

Home Institution: Federal University of Vicosa, Brazil

Brock Academic Contact: Dr. Bidochka

Academic term at Brock: March 2014 - February 2015

Research Interests: insect pathology and entomopathogenic fungi


Mr. Joao Pedro Fonseca (UM)

Home Institution: University of Coimbra, Portugal

Brock Academic Contact: Dr. Jeff Stuart

Academic term at Brock: March - May 2014

Research Interests: cancer and cancer stem cells


Dr. Mukund Ghavre (VIS)

Charles University, Czech Republic

Brock Academic Contact: Dr. Tomas Hudlicky, Chemistry

Academic term at Brock: March to July 2014

Dr. Mukund Ghavre is a postdoctoral researcher in the faculty of pharmacy at his home institution Charles University in Prague. Dr. Ghavre will be joining Dr. Hudlicky in the department of chemistry. He will be focusing his research in the area of synthesis of alkaloids and their derivatives.