Graduate Program Overview

Social Sciences - Social Justice and Equity Studies

Graduate Program Overview

  “In the growing field of social justice studies, the MA in Social Justice and Equity Studies (SJES) leads the way. Since 2002, the program has gained a reputation for excellent graduate education. We offer individualized academic mentoring and advanced coursework to train students in conducting research on issues of social justice and equity.
   Through such research, professors, students and graduates contribute much needed thinking about social justice in social policy debates, in our various workplaces, and in our lives and online conversations. Our academic work also informs and inspires our contributions to activism and to the betterment of communities.
   Please join us! Everyone is welcome to attend the annual Niagara Social Justice Forum on Feb. 6, 2016.
   Prospective students should apply to the program by February 1 (late applications will be considered until the program is full).”  
~Mary-Beth Raddon, Graduate Program Director

Program Description
Social Justice and Equity Studies is interdisciplinary, diverse and pluralistic in its theoretical traditions, substantive problematics, methods and approaches. Our program seeks to enact an emancipatory politics of knowledge in favouring voices and perspectives that have been historically marginalized and who are actively resisting domination. Our field of study is linked to ethicopolitical movements for progressive social change, and also reflects recognition of the links between power and knowledge in the university. These legacies and commitments inform our teaching and research, as well as the criteria for affiliation and admission to the program.

Field of Study
The SJES program trains students in critical analysis of social justice and equity issues as related to processes and struggles associated with age, ability, gender, sexuality, racism, speciesism, the environment, class and other patterns of inequality. Training in both theory and research methods links processes operating at and across a range of geographical scales, from the local to the global. Students will be equipped to pursue doctoral studies and to offer their expertise as policy makers or policy consultants to social advocacy and social movement organizations as well as a wider public.

We number over 50 faculty members from 16 academic departments at Brock University and 10 to 12 new students a year.

The SJES program offers:

  • Instruction and mentoring by outstanding faculty from many areas of expertise
  • Breadth of learning, diverse student projects, and support for innovative graduate level work
  • The possibility for students to bridge traditional disciplines
  • Research and learning opportunities through close ties with the Social Justice Research Institute 
  • A new Co-op option providing eight months employment exprience to two students annually

Independent Reviewers rank the MA in Social Justice and Equity Studies "Category 1 calibre: Good Quality with National Prominence"

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