Peter Lester, Assistant Professor

MA in Popular Culture

Peter Lester, Assistant Professor

Office: SBH 307
Email:; Extension: 3822

I am interested in supervising projects in the areas of Canadian cinema, film history, film technology and exhibition studies.

Ph.D. Communication Studies, Concordia University
MA, Canadian Studies, Carleton University
BA, History, University of Guelph

Research Interests:
Canadian film history
Screen culture
Film Technology
Exhibition Studies
Nontheatrical film

Teaching Areas:
Canadian cinema
Documentary film

Selected Publications:
“Canada’s Lost Frontier Epic: The Stillborn Saga of Policing the Plains,” Cinephemera: Moving Images at the Margins of Canadian Cinema History, Zoe Druick and Gerda Cammaer eds, McGill-Queens University Press (Spring 2014 - Forthcoming).

“Four Cents to Sea: 16mm, the Royal Canadian Naval Film Society and the Mobiliziation of Entertainment,” Film History 25, no. 4 (2013 – Forthcoming).

“‘It’s Not the Size (of the Screen) that Matters:’ IMAX, LIEMAX and the ‘Meaning’ of a Brand,” Scope Issue 25, February 2013.

Policing the Plains, The Changeling, Blade: Trinity and Final Destination V, in World Film Locations: Vancouver, Rachel Walls, ed. Bristol and Chicago: Intellect Books, 2013.

“Sweet Sixteen’ Goes to War: Hollywood, the NAAF and 16mm Film Exhibition in Canada During World War II,” The Canadian Journal of Film Studies, Vol.19, no.1, Spring 2010, 2-19.

“The Perilous Gauge: Canadian Independent Film Exhibition and the 16mm Mobile Menace,” Cinema and Technology: Cultures, Theories, Practices, Bruce Bennett, Marc Furstenau and Adrian Mackenzie, eds. Palgrave-Macmillan, 2008, 23-36.


Peter Lester