Orientation for Incoming Students

Faculty of Social Sciences

Orientation for Incoming Students

The Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences would like to welcome incoming students on Tuesday, September 3, 2013.  The orientation session will provide an introduction to your Faculty, to your Department or Centre, and to your degree program, along with helpful hints from students and faculty members.  Most importantly, it will give you a chance to meet your academic advisor who will provide you with vital information about successfully completing your degree at Brock.  

We will be having separate sessions for all of our majors. The table below gives the time and room for each session.  If you are a combined major, please feel free to join sessions for both disciplines if you would like. If you can't attend both, please plan to attend the relevant session for at least one of the disciplines in your co-major.

Welcome to Brock and to the Faculty of Social Sciences.  We look forward to seeing you on September 3rd. 

9:00 am - Sociology (AS203, Academic South)
                - Economics (TH245, Thistle)
10:00am - Political Science/Int'l Political Economy (TA203, Taro)
                 - Communications, Popular Culture & Film (TH245, Thistle)
11:00am - Distinct and Diverse Communities (PL308, Plaza)
                 - Child and Youth Studies (TH247, Thistle)
1:00 pm - Social Sciences (TH245, Thistle)
                - Psychology (TH247, Thistle)
2:00 pm - Geography (TH240, Thistle)
                - Tourism & Environment (TH254, Thistle)
3:00 pm - Women's & Gender Studies (TH241, Thistle)
                - Labour Studies (TH240, Thistle)