CRISS Research Proposal Submission

CRISS Research Proposal Submission

If more than one person will be included on this application, please submit names and CVs below. For multiple applicants, please list all names, and amalgamate additional CVs into one file for submission. (Do not include PI's CV in amalgamated file.)

Please provide a description of your proposed research activity (350 word maximum).

Please provide 3-4 sentences that describe your project. This description will be used in media announcements if you are successful with your CRISS proposal.

Please provide a complete budget for the project (note that the CRISS award will not exceed $2,000). Current rates of pay for research assistants should be used (see Student Employment Rate Schedule at

All researchers are encouraged to apply for both internal and external sources of funding for these research projects. Please provide a listing of other scholarship/grants (if any) for which you have made application to support this research project:

If previous CRISS funding has been received, please provide a 150 word summary of how the funding was used to advance research and scholarship in the Faculty of Social Sciences:

Have you received previous CRISS funding for this project?