Spring/Summer, 2013 Course Lineup

Faculty of Social Sciences

Spring/Summer, 2013 Course Lineup

The Faculty of Social Sciences is excited to offer a range of courses to students this spring.  Some course offerings depend on registrations.  If we don't have enough students enrolled in some of the courses by mid-April, they will be cancelled, so do not delay.  The registration system will open on March 25th.  Plan your courses now by checking that you will have prerequisites completed by the end of the Winter term.  Course numbers are linked to descriptions that outline all prerequisites and restrictions.*  See your academic advisor before the registration system opens to see how these courses will fit into your degree plan.


*Please review prerequisites and restrictions
in the course descriptions carefully - if you
do not have the prerequisite or do not meet the restrictions, you will be deregistered from the course.



CHYS 2P38, 3P10, 3P15, 3P21, 3P74 (On-line), 3P90
COMM/FILM/PCUL 2F00 (On-line)
ECON 1P91, 1P92, 2P86, 3P04, 3P21
GEOG 1F90, 2P50
LABR 1F90, 2P03, 2P34, 3P06, 3Q95
PCUL 2P91, 3P06
POLI 2P03, 2P34, 3P05. 3P45, 3P66, 3Q95. 4P22/5P22
PSYC 2F23, 2P12, 2P20, 2P49, 3P45, 3P74, 3P75
SOCI 1F90, 2F60, 2P34, 2P38, 2P90, 2Q90, 3P06, 3P45, 3Q95
TREN 2P10, 3P11, 3P66, 3P70
WGST 1F90, 2P00, 2P90, 2P91, 2Q90, 3P45, 3Q95


SOCI/WGST 2P21, 3P92