CRISS-May 2012

CRISS Award Winners May, 2012

CRISS-May 2012

Congratulations are extended to all researchers who were successful in the May, 2012 round of applications for research funding.  These include:

  • Mike Ashton (PSYC) – Copyediting and Typesetting of "The H Factor of Personality"

Funds to help cover the costs of typesetting and copyediting the manuscript of a new book, "The H Factor of Personality: Why Some People Are Manipulative, Self-Entitled, Materialistic, and Exploitive—And Why It Matters For Everyone"

  • Colleen Bell (POLI) – Canada and Police-military Assemblages in Western Intervention

Funds to support to conduct interview research in Ottawa and Calgary with RCMP personnel involved in mentoring, training and reforming police in Afghanistan

  •  Nancy Cook & David Butz (SOCI & GEOG)– An Ethnography of the Shimshal Road: Autophotographic Representations of Mobility

Funds to mount a photo exhibit in Shimshal, Pakistan.  Photos represent a study of social change in Shimshal in the context of increased mobility facilitated by the recent completion of a 45 kilometre road linking the community to the Karakoram Highway.  Autophotography is a photographic methodology that puts cameras in the hands of research participants, whose visual images and accompanying verbal explanations communicate complex interpretations of the social worlds they inhabit.

  •  Mike Ripmeester (GEOG) - Caught Between Deindustrialization and the Cultural Economy: Working People and Life Narratives in St. Catharines, ON.

To complete an analysis of the demise of manufacturing and the emergence of a cultural economy model and its application in St. Catharines.  Interviews will be conducted with municipal officials and labour leaders by a graduate student who will help conduct and transcribe the interviews as well as to manage the resultant data.  

            Funds will be used to hire a research assistant to gather information and preliminary measures of the presence of food consumption in cars with the goal of evaluating the interaction of eating practices, car and food design.

  •  Russell Johnston (CPCF) - Residents' Attitudes regarding Local Wine Marketing in the Niagara Region

            Funds will be used to measure attitudes across the Niagara Region.  Survey data will be gathered by a graduate student research assistant from seven centres (Grimsby, Smithville, Port Colborne, Fort Erie, Welland, Niagara Falls and Virgil) in order to complement St. Catharines data collected that was collected in an earlier study.