Literacy Resources, Instruction, Assessment, and Evaluation

Faculty of Education

Literacy Resources, Instruction, Assessment, and Evaluation

I am interested in the impact that literacy resources have on instruction. In particular, I have been researching the inherent qualities of print-based and digital texts and the influence that these resources have on literacy instruction. Through analyzing content-based science texts, I have uncovered readability variances that effect text readability. These inconsistencies pose considerations for teachers and their students with literacy challenges. This research is now shifting to examine the morphological developmental levels of content-based vocabulary and the implications for using multimodal science-based texts.

I am involved in a two-year international project that is looking at reading in elementary classrooms that is supported by iPads. My focus for this project is the inclusion of readers who have literacy challenges and the scaffolds that this technology can provide.

Along with a colleague, I have been conducting a quantitative analysis of four decades of Canadian children’s picture books. This content analysis has focused on literacy events and practices that are embedded in this literature and how elementary teachers might draw on these elements.

My previous work has been in research projects that examined the validity and reliability of analytic rubrics for elementary students' writing. This focused on the integration of traits and genres and the development of writing rubrics. Now, this work has evolved to explore how to develop capacity in teacher candidates and in-service teachers for rubric construction and use. In particular, I am working with a primary teacher on classroom-based instruction that incorporates reading mentor texts, writing with a focus on the genres and traits, and assessment.