Language Interchange Program (LIP)

Language Interchange Program (LIP)


What is the Language Interchange Program (LIP)?
To achieve our goal of cultural understanding, the Language Interchange Program (LIP) aims to reduce language barriers and promote appreciation for foreign languages and cultures. LIP helps students and staff improve their second/third language ability. It is also a sociable and friendly way to practice languages without attending formal classes. In addition, it is an opportunity to meet new people and experience different cultures.

How does the Language Interchange Program (LIP) run?
LIP is a very informal and casual program. It is an opportunity for you and your partner(s) to meet, talk and learn languages together in an informal and sociable way. LIP is run for and by the people who are participating and can take place in all kinds of places such as cafés, libraries, bookshops, schools, pubs and restaurants. It's up to you.
To join this program, you just need to submit the application. You will need to indicate which language(s) you could provide and which language(s) you want to improve. Our LIP coordinator will match you up with another applicant or applicants based on criteria from the applications. If there is not an immediate match, you will have to wait till we receive more applications and are able to match you up. The more people who sign up, the better the chances to get a match.
This program runs through academic year from September to end of April and will restart next September.
Is the Language Interchange Program (LIP) considered a volunteer program?
No, it is not a volunteer program. It is a very informal set up; we don’t monitor the number of hours you spend helping people compared to the help you receive. We leave it up to you to approach the project with a generous spirit.

Meet new people

Experience different cultures

Speak other languages

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