Major Research Papers Completed

Faculty of Humanities

Major Research Papers Completed

Allan, Jonathan A. 2007

A Theory of Influence and Phenomenology: Jorge Luis Borges Misreads Virginia Woolf

Supervisor: Dr. Cristina Santos

Second Reader: Dr. Corrado Federici


Baird, Miranda 2011

Unveiling the Mind, Body and Space: Exposing (In)Visible Borders Facing Maghrebian Women and Beurettes

Supervisor: Dr. Tamara El-Hoss

Second Reader: Dr. Cristina Santos



"Toward Hyperpresence: Corporeality and an Aesthetics of Violence in Marina Abramović’s Rhythm 0 and Vanessa Place’s Statement of Facts"
Supervisor: Gregory Betts
Second Reader: Duncan MacDonald



Cherniak, Elizabeth 2010

Men with Disabilities: Occupying the Space of Other, Masculinities and Sexuality in Auto/biographical Novels and Films

Supervisor: Dr. Cristina Santos

Second Reader: Dr. Tamara El-Hoss


Chevalier, Laura 2010

Medusa Through the Eyes of Time

Supervisor: Dr. Cristina Santos

Second Reader: Dr. Michael Berman




Reading Rape Allegories and Body Speech Acts, A Comparative Analysis: Women Without Men and Tshepang: The Third Testament. Subverting Master Narratives in Expressions of Female Subjectivity
Supervisor: Dr. Susan Speary
Second Reader: Dr. Corrado Federici



A Comparative Study: The Sublime, Gerhard richter, and Deleuze and Guattari
Supervisor: Dr. Derek Knight
Second Reader: Dr. Corrado Federici



Dignam, Colin Michael Grant Russ 2008

Insecurity, Sacrifice and Tragedy

Supervisor: Dr. Mathew Martin

Second Reader: Dr. C. Federici


Dufault, Monica 2011

Investigations into a Performance of That Woman: A Sex Play?

Supervisor: Dr. Natalie Alvarez

Second Reader: Dr. Leah Bradshaw


Ellis, Cameron 2010

Thomson: Poet of the Scared (Or, The Inferno as a Guide to The City)

Supervisor: Dr. Corrado Federici

Supervisor: Dr. Leslie A. Boldt


Field, Andrea 2008

The Manufactured Body

Supervisor: Dr. Keri Cronin 

Second Reader:  Dr. Corrado Federici


Gnau, Brittany 2008

Binds of Inscription: A Meeting of Butler and Wilde, Benjamin and Baudelaire

Supervisor: Dr. Natalie Alvarez

Second Reader:  Dr. Athena Coleman


Huisman, Marlie Christine 2008

Re-envisioning Habitat: Paul Kantner-Jefferson Starship’s Blows Against the Empire and Haight Ashbury

Supervisor: Dr. Derek Knight

Second Reader: Dr. Catherine Parayre


Jankovic, Alex 2009

Beyond the Artist’s Vision: War, Disillusionment and the Urban Commune in the 20th Century

Supervisor: Dr. Derek Knight

Second Reader:  Dr. Gregory Betts


Kanerva, Edward

Paralogical Prisms: The Postmodern, Pseudoscientific Crystalline Poetics of Robert Smithson and Christian Bok

Supervisor: Dr. Catherine Parayre

Supervisor: Dr. Gregory Betts





Deleuzoguattarian Approach to and Analysis of the Graphic Novel Adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven and Bill Watterson's Inspired A Nauseous Nocturne – Why being a Body without Organs Should Be Promoted
Supervisor: Dr. Tamara El-Hoss
Second Reader: Dr. Tim Conley



LaPorte, Melissa 2010

Pompeii’s Last Days: Briullov & Bulwer-Lytton

Supervised by: Dr. Barbara Burrell

Second Reader: Dr. Keri Cronin




On Martyrs, Myths and Motorcycles: Che as Mythical Icon in Ernesto Che Guevara’s The Motorcycle Diaries: Notes on a Latin American Journey and Walter Salles’ The Motorcycle Diaries
Supervisor: Dr. Cristina Santos
Second Reader: Dr. Michael Meneghetti



McGuiness, Kevin  2007

Sebastian Queer Saint

Supervised by: Dr. Cristina Santos

Second Reader: Dr. Derek Knight


Meldrum, Claire   2008

Anne of the Silver Screen: The Role of Filmed Adaptations in the Critical and Popular Understanding of L.M. Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables

Supervisor: Dr. Anne Howey

Second Reader: Dr. J. Leach


Purdy, Laura 2011

“Actualized Desires”: A Comparative Study of the ‘Self’ and the Unconscious in Pan’s Labyrinth and The Infernal Desire Machines of Doctor Hoffman

Supervisor: Dr. David Fancy

Second Reader: Dr. Cristina Santos


Rangaratnam, Sarah 2010

Sexual Temptresses and Evil Queens: Fairy Tale Constructions of Widows in Sixteenth and Seventeenth Century France

Supervisor: Dr. Cristina Santos

Supervisor: Dr. Renée-Claude Breitenstein


Richards, Adam 2010

Sappho and Decadence: The Lesbian Visions of Swinburne and Baudelaire

Supervisor: Dr. Alexandre Amprimoz

Supervisor: Dr. Corrado Federici


Rita-Procter, Steven 2011

The Autobiographical and Confessional Mode as Fiction, Non-Fiction and Metafiction: Narrativizing the Self in  Contemporary Literature and Visual Art

Supervisor: Dr. Leah Bradshaw

Second Reader: Dr. Derek Knight


Spencer, Jacqueline 2008

Beyond Words: Flashbacks to Lacan’s Mirror Stage in Franz Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis” and David Cronenberg’s “Spider”

Supervisor: Dr. Corrado  Federici

Supervisor: Dr. Leslie Boldt


Srndic, Maja 2010

Fairytale Histories of Be-longing: Restorative and Reflective Nostalgia in “Once Upon a Time there was a Country” (1998) and “Underground” (1995)

Supervisor: Dr. María del Carmen Suescun Pozas

Second Reader:  Dr. Bohdan Nebesio


Storie, Jane 2009

Validating Little Red Riding Hood

Supervisor: Dr. Sandra Beckett

Second Reader:  Dr. Lissa Paul


Tamlin, Trevor 2009

Burlesque - Then and Now

Supervisor: Dr. Natalie Alvarez

Supervisor: Dr. Corrado Federici


Tanaka, Alejandro

Japanese Horror Films and Their Relationships with Oral Tradition and Modernity
Supervisor: Dr. Corrado Federici
Second readers: Dr. Irene Blayer and Dr. Leslie Boldt


Zehentbauer, Janice 2007

Nothing Sacred: Women Writing Magic Realism

First Reader: Dr. Cristina Santos

Second Reader: Dr. Leslie Boldt 



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