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Preferred Travel Agents


In order to assist you with making travel arrangements for University business please find

below a list of Preferred Travel Agents. Arrangements have been made with these Travel

Agents to accept a Purchase Order # to book University travel. The Travel Agent will

issue an invoice to the University and the invoice will be paid directly by the Accounts

Payable Department. As a result there is no need to pay for air travel on personal credit

cards, apply for a travel advance and subsequently prepare an expense report after the

trip. The Travel Agents can also make arrangements for ground transportation, will

provide travel insurance advice and can even book hotels or car rentals if required.

In the event that you have a unique travel requirement that the Travel Agents below are

unable to book for you and the Travel Agent that you are booking with only accept credit

card payment then the Purchasing Department has a University credit card available that

can be used to pay for the travel costs.


In order to book the travel you can contact one or more of the Travel Agents below to

obtain quotes and options for your travel. Once you know which Travel Agent you would

like to book with simply call Purchasing ext. 3276 for a reserved Purchase Order # and

then call the Travel Agent with the PO # and they will book your trip. Once the trip has

been booked please give the information to your administrative assistant to generate a

Purchase Requisition (PR) and forward the PR to Purchasing.


Brock University’s Preferred Travel Vendors:

 CAA Travel                                                 Tel. #905-984-8585                  Vendor #2827

Kruise & Pullen Travel                                  Tel. #907-227-5287                  Vendor #4754

Marlin Travel                                               Tel. #905-687-6852                  Vendor #2067

Merit Travel                                                Tel. #905-687-7111                  Vendor #2343

World Wide Travel- American Express          Tel. #905-688-1400                  Vendor #5658