How to Use the 'Get It' System

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How to Use the 'Get It' System

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When you are doing research in Library databases you might come across the 'Get It' button.  By clicking on this button the system will attempt to find the full text of the article you are looking at.  It does this by matching the article information (title, author, journal title etc.) with a database of known full-text resources.  Once you click on the button you might see a page similar to the following:

Get It Menu Basic

Clicking on the Full-Text Links will transport you to the article you are looking for.  If you click on the 'More Options' you'll see the following extra options:

Get It Menu More Options


This portion of the screen offers some extended features you can use:

  • If electronic full-text is not available it will attempt to search the Library Catalogue for a paper copy of the journal.
  • If the author of the paper is recognized you can search for their other work by using the Web of Science product
  • If you use RefWorks you can automatically download the citation into your account.
  • If you just need the citation for the article formatted in MLA or APA style.
  • If you are having trouble using the service click on the Need help? link to contact us.
  • Finally you can also attempt a Google Scholar Search with the information found in the article. 

 If there is no electronic full-text of the article you are trying to find the menu will look similar to the following:

Get It Menu No Full Text

If you can't find a paper copy of the journal article you are looking for you can click on the 'Request document via RACER' link and it will automatically submit a request to the RACER Inter Library Loan System.  More information on RACER can be found here.

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