Instruction Room Booking Policy for Learning Commons' Partners

Instruction Room Booking Policy for Learning Commons' Partners

This policy provides guidelines for the Learning Commons' partners in the use of the instructional spaces. The overall objective is to ensure that there is a good match between instructional needs and the individual spaces in the Learning Commons (LC).
Instruction Rooms:

  • Classroom A (ST228)
  • Classroom B (ST230)
  • Consultation Room (ST227)

1.) Learning Commons' Partners: 

  • The LC partners have priority access to the instruction rooms.
  • Instructional use of these classrooms takes priority over meetings.
  • Classroom A will be open to students as a general access computer lab when not booked for instruction.
  • Classroom B will be open to students as a silent study room when not booked for instruction.
  • The LC Manager coordinates room bookings and resolves scheduling conflicts.
  • LC Partners should use the online booking system at:
  • Classrooms are available during regular LC hours. Bookings should be limited to regular hours of operation.
  • Group study rooms are reserved for student use. Staff bookings are available on an exceptional basis during spring/summer terms by contacting the LC Manager.
  • Room keys are available to partner staff through their respective units. Keys are also available at the Library Circulation desk for emergency use. Brock ID is required and the keys cannot leave the LC.
  • Prior to using Classroom A, B or the large group study room for the first time, all instructors are required to attend a 15-minute orientation provided by the LC Manager.
  • In order to accommodate back-to-back bookings, rooms should be cleared promptly to allow adequate set-up time for the subsequent session.
  • Problems with equipment or any other aspect of the room should be reported to the LC Manager.
  • On an exceptional basis, refreshments may only be provided during instruction sessions in Classroom B and must comply with the LC Food & Drink Policy. 


  • Classroom B may be booked by faculty and staff as space permits for presentations and workshops that are consistent with the objectives of the Matheson Learning Commons. Inquiries should be referred to the LC Manager.
  • Classrooms are not available for activities that are not affiliated with the University.

Instruction Rooms Description/Details:

Classroom A
Lab environment. 32 fixed computer workstations.IDigital projector. Instructor workstation/Crestron unit. Laptop jack. Microphone and speakers. DVD/VHS player. Capacity: 32 (4 additional chairs in closet). Presentations and instruction sessions needing the use of technology.

Classroom B
Flexible learning space.Configurable tables and chairs. No computer workstations. Digital projector. Instructor workstation/Crestron unit. Laptop jack. Microphone and speakers. DVD/VHS player.  Instructors should advise attendees to bring their own laptop or recommend the Laptop Loan service. Should instructors wish to provide laptops, up to 15 are available for sign-out at Circulation Services. Advance planning is required to ensure adequate supply, charging time and access to charging cart. Contact the LC Manager for details. Capacity: 20 (2 additional chairs in closet). Presentations, instruction sessions and meetings needing the use of configurable furniture and/or technology.

Consultation Room
Three individual consultation areas with tables, chairs and flexible partitions. Maximum of 5 in each area. 1 laptop is available on a sign-out basis from Circulation Services. 1 table is reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis for staff. Capacity: 15.

Technical Support

If technical problems arise during regular business hours, contact Library Systems at ext. 5459 or 5794. The LC Manager may also be available.

If there are problems specifically related to the projectors, Crestron touch screen interface (Classrooms A or B), or projection screens after hours on weekdays, please call ext. 3588.

There is no classroom support on weekends or holidays. 

Installation of course-specific software or files is subject to approval by Library Systems and will be considered as a last resort. Such software or files must be provided no less than 2 weeks prior to the reservation. Any software or files found to conflict with standard configurations will not be installed.

If course-specific software or files have been installed, Library Systems will arrange a meeting with the person who made the reservation to test the software at least one week prior to the class. If problems are detected, Library Systems will attempt to correct them, or identify those problems which are not correctable. If the reservation contact person does not come to test the software prior to class, Library Systems staff are not responsible for support on the day of class.

Effective: October 31, 2008. 1st revision: September 15, 2009. Latest revision: September 17,2013.