Creating Persistent Links

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Creating Persistent Links

This page will describe how to create links to electronic resources that will be accessible to those on and off-campus. The only way to get access when off campus is to make use of a proxy server. The proxy server will identify you as part of the Brock Community and will allow you access to the resource. This is done by adding some information to the url of the resource. An example:

If you follow this link from off campus you will be asked to login using your Portal Account information and then you will be connected. There is an online tool available that will add the proxy information to your link so that you do not have to do it manually. This Proxy Link Checker can be found at Just copy and paste your link in the box to get an off-campus link.

Popular Database Platforms

Many popular database platforms give users persistent links that are easy to find. The following is a list of such providers and how to find/create the persistent link. If the database you are using is not on this list, look at your results page to see if there are any similar options like "Bookmark This Page", "Copy Link" etc. Take your resulting URL to the to get your final result.

  • EbscoHost

  • At the record for an article in EbscoHost, (such as Academic Search Complete) the persistent link icon (Permalink) is located on the right navigation under Tools. Copy and paste this link to your desired document, no additonal modifications are necessary.  

    The persistent link button will not work with Internet Explorer 7. Please try using Firefox or Internet Explorer 8.

  • Proquest

  • The persistent link is found on the Citation/Abstract page of a given article. Toward the bottom of the page under the Indexing Information is a "Document URL". Copy and paste this link into your document. 

  • Scholars Portal

  • When browsing a record in the Scholars Portal E-Journals database you will see a URL next to the Permalink label. Simply put this link through the Link Checker to get the final URL.


If you need further assistance please contact the Reserves Department at extension 3963.

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