Citing Data

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Citing Data

If you are using APA, MLA or other standard format, check the manual (look in the Library catalogue for location) for the format for examples of data citation. The following are generic suggestions for data citation formats. Please note that RefWorks does not work for citing data or statistical sources.

CANSIM II series

CANSIM II; series V735319 [computer file]./ Ottawa, Ont.: Statistics Canada [producer]; Toronto, Ont.: University of Toronto. CHASS [distributor], Oct. 7, 2003 <>

CANSIM II series - from E-STAT

CANSIM II; series V735319 [computer file]./ E-stat ed. Ottawa, Ont.: Statistics Canada [producer and distributor], Oct. 7, 2003 <>

Census - from E-STAT

Census of Canada, 1986: profile of census divisions and census subdivisions [computer file]./ E-stat ed. Ottawa, Ont.: Statistics Canada [producer and distributor], Oct. 2003 <>

The above examples are courtesy of Laine Ruus, University of Toronto, Data Library Service. 

Other sources of citation information

How to cite Statistics Canada products
Step-by-step procedure for creating references and many different examples.

Citing government information sources
US examples but useful. Includes data table and data file in MLA format.

How do I cite the data in my bibliography? (University of Toronto Data Library Service)
Links to sources from universities in Canada and the United States.

Suggested Citation Styles for our Internet Information
From the US Census Bureau. Can be used for Statistics Canada files by substituting "Statistics Canada" for "U.S. Census Bureau" in references and changing other applicable information.