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Plagiarism is defined in Brock University's Academic Misconduct Regulations as "…presenting work done (in whole or in part) by someone else as if it were one's own.". Read the regulations for more detail on what plagiarism is and its consequences for your academic career. The following links provide additional information and can help you avoid inadvertent plagiarism:

Avoiding Plagiarism (Purdue University)
Guide with examples of when credit should be given, safeguards to use to avoid plagiarism and a practice exercise.
Plagiarism (Winthrop University)
Five steps to avoid plagiarism.
Selection of resources for both students and faculty.
How to avoid plagiarism (Northwestern University)
How to attribute works and ideas of others. Examples include difficult material, such as lecture notes and charts.
Some Academic Departments at Brock have developed their own guides, based on the Academic Misconduct Regulations:
There may also be information on individual course outlines.

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