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Theses and Dissertations

How do I find Brock University Theses?

A vast collection of Brock Theses can be found online via the Brock University Digital Repository. Here you'll be able to find Masters and Phd. theses in full text that date back to the 1980's all the way up to today.

The Library keeps one print copy of all Brock University theses and dissertations. To find a specific thesis, use the library catalogue and search by author or title. To find Brock theses by subject, do a keyword or subject search and limit the material type to Theses/Projects. Print copies can be borrowed from the library.

To browse Brock Theses:
Bachelors' theses are shelved in the Z9998 call number range on Floor 5.
Masters' theses are shelved in the Z9999 call number range on Floor 5.
Ph.D theses are shelved in the Z9999.5 call number range on Floor 5.
Master of Education theses are also available in the Instructional Resource Centre (IRC) in the Faculty of Education, as are Masters of Education Projects.

How do I find theses and dissertations from other universities?

Proquest Dissertations and Theses database
Covers U.S. dissertations from 1861 and Masters theses from 1962. Full text is provided for theses and dissertations from 1997 to date. The database also includes theses and dissertations from many Canadian and some International universities.

Ontario theses can be borrowed from other Ontario university libraries via RACER.

Theses Canada Portal
This database lists all Canadian theses archived by the National Library of Canada since 1965. Full text is available for theses from 1998-August 2002. Theses can be borrowed via Interlibrary Loan through RACER.

EDT Digital Library: Networked Library of Digital Theses and Dissertations (NDLDT)
Provides links to a number of electronic theses and dissertation databases.

Centre for Research Libraries
International dissertations can be found by searching their catalogue. Use Advanced Search and limit the location field to dissertations.

Most theses awarded by any university in Great Britain and Ireland are listed in Index to THESES and are available via the Electronic Theses Online Service EThOS database. Alternate national and international theses and dissertation resources can be found using DART-Europe E-theses Portal and countries listed on any number of metasites including Finding International Theses and the University of Newcastle.

Kinesiology Publications
Provides full text access to theses and dissertations in the area of Kinesiology.

This is a combined catalogue of many libraries from around the world. Use Advanced Search and choose the Thesis/dissertation option from the dropdown box for Content.

For further information contact Interlibrary Loan/Document Delivery or your librarian/subject specialist for further assistance.