Government Documents Collection

James A. Gibson Library

Government Documents Collection

What are Government Documents?

Government documents are publication of federal, provincial/state or local governments and international governmental organizations. At Brock, the collection also includes annual reports of corporations and legal case reporters. Documents contain government financial and program information, laws, results of public inquiries, statistics and much more.

Where are they?

All government documents can be found using the Library Catalogue. Specific locations are listed in the catalogue entries.

GOVERNMENT DOCUMENT or GOV DOC are located in the separate documents collection on the seventh floor of the James A. Gibson Library. This collection contains statistical, financial, policy and legislative process publications.

Other types of documents are located in the book collection on the upper floors of the James A. Gibson Library, on microfiche or microfilm on the 5th floor, in the Map Library and in the Instructional Resource Centre and are listed in the Library Catalogue with these locations.

Many government publications in electronic format are linked in the Library Catalogue. Other electronic publications are provided from a variety of sources.