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Feedback Comments and Responses

December 6, 2015
COMMENT – Thank you for always being helpful & friendly whenever I ask for help. I love the library here & I think that it is the quality of the library & the helpfulness of the librarians that has allowed me to succeed at Brock. Merry Christmas Brock library! Here’s to another great year with you at Brock!
RESPONSE - Thank you for your kind comments. Much appreciated! Good luck with your exams. -– Deb Kalvee, Associate University Librarian, Services & Facilities,  

December 7, 2015
COMMENT - I was very disappointed and frustrated to discover that all of the computer workstations on the upper floors of the library have been removed and not replaced. While some may come to the library with computer, tablet, or phone in hand to do academic work or otherwise, many of us don't; having to go all the way down to the first floor in the midst of searching for something when you need to double-check a call number or have just come upon another source while checking a book's bibliography is terribly frustrating and inefficient.  Many research libraries have computers in the stacks for the express purpose of looking items up in the library catalogue. These computers often only have access to the library catalogue so can't be used for email or surfing the web. Surely IT, whether directly related to the library or otherwise, has a few older computers that could be put to good use in the library thereby enabling people to do real research here!
RESPONSE - Thank you for your comment. I made the decision to remove the workstations on the upper floors of the Library for the following reasons:
We experienced a great deal of vandalism and theft
After analyzing our usage statistics, the use of the workstations was determined to be extremely low
The staff time required to maintain and support these workstations was disproportionate to the usage
The updates on floors 5, 6, and 7 this summer necessitated us removing the counters on which the computers were located, and we decided at the time to be consistent with the remaining floors
The counters on which the computers were located are at a height that is not accessible
The ubiquity of mobile technology
I appreciate you taking the time to provide feedback.  While our peer assistants do rove through the Library with an iPad to provide support on the upper floors, we can definitely explore the possibility of adding a workstation to an appropriate location in the upper floors so that users don’t have to come back to the main floor. – Jonathan Younker, Interim University Librarian, 
November 30, 2015
COMMENT - I have experienced multiple times the same two librarians being extremely rude whenever I ask a question, no matter what the subject of the question is. I came to ask for a photocopy of a chapter of a book that I know is behind the desk. Instead I had to experience a very sassy librarian who kept telling me I needed a call number, despite me giving the name and whole citation of the book, and made a big fuss that she had to look up the call number on her computer. I did not have my Brock card on me but I showed her other forms of ID and said I won't even take out the photocopy I just need to look something over, and she started lecturing me on when I should have ID on me. Similar negative experiences have happened multiple times and I feel like this should be brought up. It is like the students are being a bother by asking the librarians questions. They are never smiling and I have even had one ignore me until another woman came. I just would like to bring up that some, not all, are quite negative and clearly act bothered when students go to them seeing help. From a student who loves the library, in a world that values physical libraries less and less, this is a bad vibe to give off to students. Thank you.
RESPONSE - I’m so sorry to hear about your negative experience at the Ask Us Desk. I can understand why you are frustrated and upset. What you describe does not fit with our procedures or our philosophy of service.
I have forwarded your complaint to all desk staff and reviewed the following issues:
If a student would like to borrow a reserves item, s/he does not need to know the call number. You are welcome to come to the desk with the course code or title, and we will gladly show you how to look up the item and retrieve it for you. 
If a student has forgotten their Brock ID card, s/he may borrow from the library after showing another official form of identification. 
Thank you for submitting a complaint. Library staff really do care about student success and we want you to continue ‘loving the library’.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. – Monica Rettig, Head, Access Services,
November 29, 2015
COMMENT – Please change the library opening hours on weekends. I am a morning person like many others and I focus and give my best potential in the morning, but with having opening hours as 10 or 11 am, it is not very ideal time for me. I have to literally look for a good place to study since the market has music on 24x7 which is very distracting to people like me who want to study. I have tried the 24 hour Plaza building but the club at night and the music is too high. Please do something about this. 
RESPONSE - Thank you for your comments. We understand your frustration and are looking into adjusting the Library’s regular and extended exam hours, but changes will likely not be possible until 2016. Please note extended exam hours begin Monday, December 7, just one week away. On weekends during this period, we will open at 9:00 am. Also, if it will help, we will look into seeing if the music could be shut off / turned down in the Marketplace. – Deb Kalvee, Associate University Librarian, 
November 26, 2015
COMMENT - The hours are horrible for people studying. It is so close to exams and extended hours should have already started. Not fair that some of us don't have a quiet study area. 
RESPONSE - Final exams begin Friday, December 11. With the resources we currently have, we will be offering extended hours starting Monday, December 7. We hope to offer additional hours as funds permit. Worth your consideration - the 24-hour study area in the Plaza Building. -- Deb Kalvee, Associate University Librarian, 
November 26, 2015
COMMENT – Can we have a reminder that the 9th and 10th floors are silent floors? If one really needs to talk, they can choose one of the other floors that allow talking. It’s very rude to come to the silent floors and treat it like a socializing floor. You could also just go into the staircase or the bathroom if you really need to talk. I don’t have a half hour to waste time listening to a conversation. I don’t want to hear. I’m here to do my work, so let me. 
RESPONSE - We know that students need a variety of space to do their work, so we created study zones and expect everyone to modify their behaviour, as necessary. It is disappointing to read that some aren’t respecting them. 
Should this happen again, please call 905-688-5550, ext. 4583 or report the problem at the ‘Ask a Librarian’ link on the Library’s home page. Thank you. – Deb Kalvee, Associate University Librarian, 
November 5, 2015
COMMENT: It's pretty lame when some students use the quiet study rooms on the 8th floor as a way of socializing for relationship needs.  I mean, I am not a fan of public displays of affection and I certainly don't want to hear people making out next door. Some of us come up to these private rooms to do work and want the silence. I hope I am not just being a stick in the mud, but there is a place and time for everything. Go home […] 
RESPONSE: Thanks for your feedback. We expect library occupants to conduct themselves appropriately so as not to disrupt others. In future, please refer situations like this to our staff for follow up. Telephone 905-688-5550, ext. 4583 or use our chat service (Ask a Librarian, available through our home page). 
Deb Kalvee, Associate University Librarian, Services & Facilities
November 4, 2015
COMMENT - Please increase the library hours on weekends. Thank you. 
RESPONSE - Thanks for your suggestion. We are considering what we can do in this regard. Stay tuned. -- Deb Kalvee, Associate University Librarian, Services & Facilities
January 20, 2015
COMMENTS - (1) The Library is very cold. Turn on the heating for the upper level floors. (2) Would you please turn on the heater? When I study at the library it is so cold. I even need to wear Canada Goose inside. Please set the temperature higher. Thanks. 
RESPONSE - Thanks for your comments. They have been forwarded to Facilities Management, the unit responsible for controlling temperature. Because there is no setting that suits everyone, to be comfortable, we recommend that one dress in layers during the shoulder seasons (September-October; April-May) and particularly during periods of extreme cold. – Deb Kalvee, Associate University Librarian, Services & Facilities 
January 12, 2015
COMMENT - The Brock University Library presently has 1 (i.e. one) elevator functioning for thousands of undergraduate students (and members of the general public) needing access to its facilities. This is wholly unacceptable! The length of line-ups in front of the elevator most mornings, afternoons, and evenings has reached intolerable levels. There are normally 2 (i.e. two) elevators functioning, yet this is wholly inadequate, as well. (This second elevator has been out of commission well before Christmas, and has not been repaired since). A patron (particularly an elderly or disabled patron) of the library should not have to walk up 10 flights of stairs to access the stacks on account of lack of elevator service. I have three questions for your administration: i) Why is Brock University not doing more to improve access to its library floors at a time when its student enrolment is at an all-time high?; ii) Why has it taken so long to repair the 2nd elevator that was out of service well before Christmas and why are there only 2 (i.e. two) workable elevators under normal circumstances? (There should be at least 4-6 working elevators given Brock's population); and iii) Are the ground floor elevators in the main lobby of Brock University able to be programmed for library floor access and, if so, why aren't these elevators being used for such? The Brock community at large deserves better!
RESPONSE - Thank you for sharing your comments with us. We understand your frustration. Facilities Management is acutely aware of the transportation issue in the Library and their staff are working on several strategies to elevate the congestion. 
With respect to the latest problem, I asked Dave McArthur C.E.T., Associate Director, Maintenance and Utility Services Manager, Mechanical Services, University Facilities Management (FM) to respond - 
December 9/14 - During a routine safety inspection, the KONE technician discovered a problem with one of the safety devices on one of the Library elevators.
December 10/14 - Further inspection of the part determined that it would have to be rebuilt/replaced. Due to the age of the elevator it was determined complete replacement of the safety device was the best long-term solution.
December 12/14 - Replacement part ordered, and a 2-week lead time was quoted.
December 23/14 - KONE (the elevator service provider) was advised by Hollister Whitney (the part manufacturer) that the replacement part had been shipped.
December 30/14 - Part tracking showed part still in Indianapolis. Manufacturer determined a shipping error at their end and expedited delivery.
January 7/15 - Part delivered to KONE after clearing customs.
January 8 - 12/15 - Part installed on elevator, start-up expected today, KONE crew working on it now.
We agree the repair took longer than acceptable. The delay is mainly attributed to a shipping/delivery error by the manufacturer which was compounded by the holiday closure.  In an effort to lessen any future issues with the same safety device on the other 3 Tower elevators, FM is trying to proactively replace the same part on the other 3 cars during times of lower usage to limit the disruption to our clients. We and KONE are well aware of the criticality of the operation of this particular group of elevators, but we are also very cognizant of the importance of maintaining our high standards regarding provision of safe operation.
If you have further questions, please feel free to contact Dave McArthur at Thank you. – Deb Kalvee, Associate University Librarian, Services & Facilities
January 5, 2015
COMMENT - I am very disappointed with the decision to cancel the Wiley Blackwell subscription. I understand the entire university must make difficult decisions because of financial constraints, but this will have a tremendous impact on students’ ability to remain current and access needed resources. Furthermore, this cancellation will place substantial pressure on the ILL service if we must request each article through that service. If Brock is trying to grow its graduate student base and reputation (an apparent priority), this will not help that goal in any way. 
RESPONSE - Thank you for writing. We understand the impact these cancellations have for researchers. For more information on this issue and how we came to this difficult decision, please see the news section on the Library’s home page. Please note that the Library purchased several back file packages that give the Brock community perpetual access to content published in these journals between 2002 and 2014. Technological enhancements have sped up the interlibrary loan process, so anything you request should come very quickly by email. -- Deb Kalvee, Associate University Librarian, Services & Facilities
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