Brock fundraising drive underway for relief efforts in Haiti

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Brock fundraising drive underway for relief efforts in Haiti

Published on April 21 2010

Various University groups will meet Friday morning to discuss the best ways to raise money for the Canadian Red Cross, which is supporting emergency work in Haiti. The impoverished Caribbean country was devastated by a deadly earthquake Tuesday. The death toll is estimated to be at least 100,000 people.

International Services is spearheading Brock fundraising efforts. The Brock community raised $25,000 for Red Cross Indian Ocean tsunami relief efforts in 2005. John Kaethler, director of International Services, hopes this drive inspires a similar outpouring.

“It’s a human disaster there, so it’s something all of us are interested in helping with,” Kaethler said.

There will be fundraising over the next month, although much of it is still in the planning stages. Kaethler foresees posters and coin boxes, and a way to involve the greater community. A web portal for Brock donations has been established through the Red Cross.

“Because Haiti is in the western hemisphere, it is our brother and sister. I’m hoping people will be generous in a time of fiscal restraint,” he said.

There are currently no Haitian international students at Brock, although there have been several in the past, Kaethler said.


Source: The Brock News