H1N1 update (Nov. 17)

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H1N1 update (Nov. 17)

Published on November 17 2009

Niagara Region’s Public Health department has lifted restrictions for people wanting H1N1 vaccinations.

There are no longer plans to hold a second H1N1 clinic on the Brock campus, as Niagara Public Health clinics — held daily at the Niagara Region headquarters across St. David’s Road from the campus — are now open to everybody .

For clinic times check the Niagara Region’s website at http://www.regional.niagara.on.ca/living/health_wellness/pandemic-planning/h1n1-immunization-clinics.aspx

Meantime, more than a week of steadily declining flu cases on campus has led University health officials to conclude the worst of this wave of H1N1 is over.

“We are past the peak,” said University Medical Director Dr Darrell Grant. “We are still seeing new patients with the flu, but the numbers are going down and we are definitely past the peak.”

The number of people signing in to Brock’s voluntary “Got Flu” registry was 158 for the week of Nov 7-13, a sharp drop from totals of 319 and 283 for previous two weeks.

Grant said the lower numbers reflect a trend being reported from most university and college health services offices across Ontario.

Despite the declining flu numbers, Brock officials have decided to maintain a twice-daily cleaning schedule of touch points in student residences, food services areas and in the Student Health Services clinic. The stepped-up cleaning effort will continue until at least the Christmas holiday break.

For ongoing developments related to H1N1, watch the University's Pandemic Influenza Planning website at www.brocku.ca/pandemic-flu