Brock hosts Facebook contest for alumni, students and staff

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Brock hosts Facebook contest for alumni, students and staff

Published on November 04 2009

Brock has a new Facebook application encouraging people to show both sides of their brains.

The Both Sides of the Brain Photo Contest allows users to upload a photo of themselves for one side of the image. For the other side, they can either choose from provided images representing Brock’s six faculties of study, or upload their own to show their “other side of the brain.”

All registered Facebook users can make an image. There are four categories of winners:

  • high school students, who could win one of two Mac Book Pros
  • current Brock students, one of whom will win a $500 tuition credit
  • Brock alumni, who compete for a Bose Sound Dock with accessories
  • Brock faculty and staff, who could win one of two $250 gift certificates from the campus store

Entries so far range from Rorschach inkblots to acoustic guitars accompanying photos of Facebook users.

“It’s good to be able to engage multiple audiences, especially future students,” said James Cooper, social media co-ordinator. “There have been some really creative entries.”

Winners will be determined by popular vote. The contest closes at midnight on Jan. 13, 2010.

image of person on one side, elephant on the other via the Facebook contest