Distinguished Research & Creative Activity Lecture set for Nov. 24

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Distinguished Research & Creative Activity Lecture set for Nov. 24

Published on November 02 2009

Stefan Brudzynski’s work on animal cognition will be the subject of the upcoming Distinguished Research & Creative Activity Lecture.

Brudzynski, a professor in the Department of Psychology, will speak on “Discovering secrets of animal brains by listening to their calls” during the event to fulfill part of the critera of this internal award.

While all mammals are known to be vocal, their vocalizations differ greatly. It is intriguing to observe these calls in rats that use sound frequencies inaudible to human ear, Brudzynski notes. Results of experimental studies on rodents show that these animals have at least two distinct types of their vocalizations, which are indicative of different states of the organism. These states are driven by activity of different brain structures and brain systems, so emitted calls express animal affective states and may be used not only as indices of these states, but also indicators of the specific brain activity.

Created in 1994, the Award for Distinguished Research & Creative Activity recognizes the outstanding research achievements, contributions toward the training of future researchers and consistency in scholarly or creative performance. In compliance with the terms of the award, each recipient agrees to present a lecture to the University community.

The event takes place Tuesday, Nov. 24 between 4 and 6 p.m. in Pond Inlet, and includes a wine and cheese reception following the lecture.

For more information, e-mail vpr@brocku.ca