Brock University influenza H1N1 update (Oct. 2)

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Brock University influenza H1N1 update (Oct. 2)

Published on October 07 2009

Oct. 2, 2009

3:13 p.m. 

Three isolated cases of H1N1 flu have been confirmed among Brock University students. All the cases have been mild, no one has been hospitalized and all 3 have recovered or are recovering.  
Brock’s Medical Director, Dr. Darrell Grant, says he is not surprised or alarmed by the confirmed cases.
"We are part of a Ministry of Health vaccine effectiveness study and thus we are testing all patients seen at our clinic with influenza-like symptoms,” says Grant. “This is not the case in most health care settings which have been advised to only test hospitalized or high-risk patients. Three confirmed cases is a small number on a campus of more than 19,000 students and staff."
The University continues to aggressively pursue its strategy of minimizing the impact of H1N1 at Brock, helping people avoid getting the illness in the first place, and being prepared to manage an outbreak should one occur.  
"We remind students, staff and visitors to the University to take the same precautions as they normally would to prevent and reduce the spread of any illness," says Dr. Grant.

To help monitor the situation this Fall, Brock is asking students and employees with flu-like symptoms — sudden fever, cough with possible sore throat, body aches, runny nose and upset stomach — to record their sickness on a web-based “Got Flu” channel at
This online tool allows the University to track illness levels at the school so that it can respond effectively and take steps to reduce transmission. It also serves as an absence documentation system.
Student Health Services has activated an H1N1 information hotline (905-688-5550 xSICK or x7425) for students to call if they have any concerns or questions about H1N1. It will be answered during clinic hours and any messages will be returned.

For more information about H1N1 facts and what you can do to fight flu, please visit the University's Pandemic Influenza Planning website: