Lagniappe workshops back again

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Lagniappe workshops back again

Published on August 12 2014

This August, members of the Faculty of Education will be getting ready for the upcoming academic year and taking a step into tech-enhanced teaching thanks to the return of Lagniappe workshops.

And if you have no idea what a Lagniappe workshop is, you aren’t alone.
Lagniappe is an Acadian-French term used in Louisiana that means “a little of this, a little of that” or “a small bonus”, which is exactly what this year’s workshops will present – a smorgasbord of great ideas for enhancing teaching with technology.
The workshops are not your typical “learn the tool” workshop, as each is designed to focus on the pedagogy of tech-enhanced teaching. This approach provides faculty members with activities that can be used immediately to power-up their own teaching practice. Each workshop is short – approximately 1.5 hours – and attendance is capped so learning is individualized and questions can be answered thoroughly.
The workshops are sponsored by the Powered-up Pedagogies for 21st Century Digital Learning Collaborative (PP21 Collaborative), an initiative between the DSBN and members of the Faculty of Education, with additional sponsorship from the Faculty’s Office of Research and the Centre for Multiliteracies.
The PP21 Collaborative is designed to promote a learning community around pedagogies needed for teaching in the digital context. Faculty from Brock with expertise in technology coached DSBN technology experts in the design and delivery of research-based workshops that influence teaching practice. In return, these experts, and other invited presenters, are coming to Brock and sharing their experiences with tech-enhanced teaching currently used in classrooms across the DSBN.
Additionally, this year, the workshop organizer, Prof. Candace Figg, explains that “it is the first time our own colleagues from the faculty are sharing how they are using technology in their classroom practices, and participating as workshop facilitators. We are looking forward to seeing these innovative teaching strategies for our digital learners”.
Participants in the previous workshops offered high praise for the quality and the expertise of the presenters, as well as the structure of the workshop that allows participants to walk out the door with a tech-enhanced teaching activity for their students.
Comments such as “Workshop was informative, interactive, and engaging” and “Lots of hands-on activities and time to practice, I loved it” are only a few in a small sample size of the ringing praise that has been shared after the sessions.
Workshops this year focus on topic such as:
  • Using social media for community building and collaboration
  • Using surveys and polls
  • Informational sessions on technology initiatives for 2014-15
  • In–class collaborative & curation activities
  • Using Digital images to build collaborative models
  • Creativity with video & interactive presentations
  • iPads in the classroom
  • Web 2 technologies



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