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Published on June 09 2014

Greetings CSSE Delegates and Colleagues,

The 2014 CSSE Program has a number of new features. Firstly we provided an at-a-glance overview of Special Events, Congress sponsored Panels, Association Keynotes, and AGM’s. Our aim in developing the template was to allow you to see those hotspots in the program and to assist you in planning your Day to Day conference experience having full knowledge of the range of high profile events and presentations that our colleagues and CSSE as an organization have developed. Vital to CSSE Associations is membership engagement by way of contributions to governance through the AGM. We have many colleagues that have embraced leadership roles within the structure of CSSE. We celebrate their work and invite you to enjoy your conference experience at Brock University. Enjoy Niagara and if you have any questions do not hesitate to approach a CSSE volunteer sporting a yellow and black bumblebee t-shirt. They will be buzzing with helpfulness about the Welch Hall Building.

Dolana Mogadime/Michael Holden

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Overview on CSSE 2014 Conference Congress Equity Issues/Special Events

Knowledge Mobilization Day CSSE 2014


From the CSSE Plenary session on Sunday, May 25, Carlos Alberto Torres delivers the keynote

mogadime and holden photo

CSSE Local Area Coordinator, Michael Holden and CSSE Program Chair, 2014 Dolana Mogadime Welcome you to Brock University.