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Faculty hosts visiting professor

Published on June 05 2014

JP Rossouw, from the School of Education, North-West University, Potchefstroom, South Africa, was a recent guest to Brock University’s Faculty of Education.

In Canada to attend the Canadian Association for the Practical Study of Law in Education conference in PEI, Rossouw extended his visit stay to visit the Faculty of Education.

Meeting with Dean Fiona Blaikie, Associate Dean, Student Affairs, Cetnres and Services Susan Sydor, Associate Dean, Research and International Initiatives Michelle McGinn, Associate Professor Rodger Beatty, and Joint PhD doctoral candidate Ewelina Niemczyk, several key objectives were discussed:

  1. To plan a Research Fellowship position for Niemczyk at NWU from September-January that would involve Rossouw and Niemczyk coauthoring at least two papers (including the paper Rossouw presented at the CAPSLE conference), a 2-3 week visit to NWU by Niemczyk, and the planning and preparation of postdoctoral funding applications to allow Niemczyk to undertake a longer duration post-doctoral fellowship in 2015-2016 once her dissertation is complete.
  2. To communicate NWU's strong commitment to extend and grow partnerships. Brock and NWU have a signed MOU, which will be up for renewal in 2015. This MOU was the result of the early initiative of Dr. Dolana Mogadime, who visited NWU with then AVPR, Michael Owen. The MOU is university-wide, but it is primarily the two Faculties of Education that have been active in the agreement.
  3. To provide assistance when possible for NWU’s current search for a senior Research Chair in Early Childhood Development.

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