Cohort Cup brings students together

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Cohort Cup brings students together

Published on March 31 2014

The Cohort Cup represents more than just the pursuit of victory.

Created by the Department of Teacher Education’s PJI Liaison Committee/Student Council, the Cup’s objective is to foster a sense of community amongst those students who call the Hamilton campus home; students like Sylvia Sadowski.

“We wanted to come up with a creative and friendly way to connect our cohorts,” said Sadowski who is also part of the student council. “We thought of creating a friendly competition between all of the cohorts in order to encourage participation and involvement in school activities.”

The friendly competition quickly took the form of what is affectionately referred to as the Cohort Cup, and should you come out on top, you’ll reap its spoils: a trophy, pizza party, and perhaps most importantly, bragging rights. However, in order to seize the Cup, the winning cohort must attain enough points throughout the course of the year to beat out their counterparts.

To collect points, students must participate in predetermined spirit days, which have included cohort colour day, breast cancer awareness day, Halloween day, movember day, pajama day, and positive spaces day.

“The goal of hosting spirit days is to spread cheer and awareness during this busy time in students’ lives,” says Sadowski. “Our workload is quite heavy through the year so we take one day out of the month to show our spirit for education through various initiatives – it provides a sense of community and belonging to our student body.”

Students are informed of upcoming spirit days via newsletter, bulletin board notices, social media (PJI Hammer), and word of mouth, all forms seemingly working rather well as there has been a response rate of 75 per cent and above - a true testament to the success of the Cup’s original goals of fostering a sense of participation and community.

And that sense of community extends beyond the walls of the Hamilton campus, as proof from Sadowski’s most enjoyable spirit day: Halloween.

“We hosted a Halloween spirit day where everyone dressed up in a costume of their choice,” she said. “That day, we went outside and paraded around the school showing off our Halloween spirit to the rest of the community -it was very creative and a fun experience that allowed us to bond.”

Regardless of who wins the Cohort Cup this year, it appears as though all of those who participated and took the next step in enhancing their student experiences will be thankful they did so.
“I have made so many lasting friendships here at Brock,” says Sadowski. “I look forward to our spirit days and seeing all of the creativity that our students and staff embody.”

PJI student council group photo