Young scholar award provides opportunity for kinesiology prof to attend the 2014 AIESEP World Congress 

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Young scholar award provides opportunity for kinesiology prof to attend the 2014 AIESEP World Congress 

Published on January 24 2014

Tim Fletcher, AIESEP

New Zealand is a long way to travel from Brock University, but it's not far from home for Tim Fletcher, Assistant Professor in the Dept. of Kinesiology.

After growing up and completing two degrees in Australia, Fletcher will return to the land down under for the first time in nearly six years to participate in the 2014 AIESEP World Congress in Auckland, New Zealand.

“My research demonstrates the diversity of how physical education scholars are studying the ways they teach prospective teachers,” Says Tim Fletcher, whose research is advancing knowledge in the area of self-study.

“Self-study provides teachers at all levels with ways to study how they teach and how their personal beliefs influence teaching.”

Capitalizing on this unique opportunity, Fletcher is looking forward to networking with international colleagues and catching up with physical education scholars from around the world. 

At the congress, Fletcher will be leading a seminar presentation along with up to five other recipients of the young scholar award.

In addition to this, he will also serve as a symposium chair that will feature the five contributing authors to his co-edited book that will be published by Springer Publishing in mid-2014.

The book titled “Self-Study in Physical Education” is co-edited by Tim and Alan Ovens who is a colleague from Auckland University.

Tim is currently working on a project with colleagues from the University of Limerick in Ireland that looks at ways to teach physical education using a joy-oriented approach.

“The obvious benefits of physical education are a way to combat obesity or improve physical fitness, but sometimes the ways to make physical education joyful and meaningful gets lost in these messages.” Says Fletcher.

“Through my research, I want to better teach learners to find meaning through movement.”

 The 2014 AIESEP event is scheduled to run from February 10-13, 2014 following the theme: educating for active, healthy citizens. 

Tim Fletcher
Tim Fletcher

Assistant Professor
Department of Kinesiology
Fletcher was recently awarded with the young scholar award to attend the 2014 World Congress which is being held:
Feb. 10-13, 2014