Help for students fed up with grocery shopping

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Help for students fed up with grocery shopping

Published on November 22 2013

Em Heppler subsisted on Mr. Noodles every day during his first year of university.

While some may think a diet of high sodium, cheap ramen is a rite of passage for the starving student trying to keep a budget in balance, Heppler and a group of student volunteers are hungry to change that mindset.

They’re doing it by helping time- and cash-strapped students with grocery shopping, hitting up the stores with cheapest produce, cereal and international foods. The result is fridges full of the makings of healthy meals, though they won’t deny anyone with a Mr. Noodles craving either.

“It can be quite difficult for students,” Heppler said about making a regular grocery run. “A lot are moving away from home for the first time. They’re used to a well-stocked kitchen and a food support network, and the reminders to eat veggies more than once a term.”

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