Visa Instructor announces exhibition.

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Visa Instructor announces exhibition.

Published on November 06 2013

Irene Loughlin Brock VISA Instructor (3F96, 2P98, 1P97) presents work at ACC Galerie Weimar, Germany

Three international artists meet for the first time - united by their art. Detached from the static gallery wall, they cross borders bridge the gap between artists and recipients. Funded by the Ontario Arts Council, Irene Loughlin travels from Canada and brings pictures of her ancestors to life which escape the wall. The images are integrated with live elements and become one within the space. New York ACC Fellow Caitlin Baucom plays with operatic splendor and opaque poetry as staged in a sensual and feminine visual art performance, which at the same time rigorously condemns any sexual stigma. Rafram Chaddad’s work enters into public space, transforming the viewer into an actor. He is fascinated by interpersonal tensions and relationships, far more than working in the studio.



photo credit: Henry Chan