Research Café to highlight careers in social justice

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Research Café to highlight careers in social justice

Published on November 06 2013

Five graduates from Brock’s MA program in Social Justice and Equity Studies (SJES) will return to campus on Tuesday, Nov. 19 to participate in a Research Café called “Degrees of Difference.”

Associate Professor Mary-Beth Raddon, program director of the SJES program, has assembled a panel of graduates with varied education, personal and career backgrounds beyond SJES to share perspectives about their work in social justice causes.

“The panel explores the value and relevance of social justice education and scholarship,” Raddon says.

“For our graduates and current students, it’s about the difference their degree makes in their ability to analyze the workings of power in culture and society. The degree is about understanding the roots of marginalization, violence and social inequality. It’s also about learning to apply the skills of critical analysis and research toward projects or movements for rights, equality, fairness or justice.”

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